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  1. 2nd year Queen's PT student here! I can't speak for OT, nor am I sure if you applied to Queen's, but I know we've had placement opportunities in Barrie, Orillia, and Alliston in the past - so you may be able to do an out of catchment switch (they'll explain more re: this once you get to classes) with a Queen's student if you're interested in that area!
  2. I also know Queen's only accepted 50 OT and 50 PT students this cohort (as opposed to their usual 70 in each) - not sure if this will also carry over to next year's application cycle as well, but some insight.
  3. There is one set up for both OT/PTs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/631612647696294/
  4. Hello! Current Queen's PT student here! Things I love about Queen's PT - Kingston is stunning and campus is so close to the water, our class of 67 is super tight-knit (though I'm sure most programs are), and I'm not sure about other schools but I really like how our curriculum is laid out/the teaching style at Queen's. Our first semester is very MSK-based and then we have a placement earlier than most if not all of the other programs, which I found really consolidates your first semester learning before diving into CR/neuro/geriatrics/paeds. We also have a nice mixture of mostly lectures
  5. Western implemented the CASPer last year. The GPA cut-off still went up, but I was accepted with a GPA almost an entire 0.1 below the cut-off!
  6. The subGPA cut-off this year was a 3.73, last year it was a 3.70, the year before a 3.68 I believe. If you are able to - definitely apply, I got in this past cycle with a 3.73.
  7. Google practice CASPer questions (there's lots of them out there!) and actually time yourself for 5 minutes, typing your answers out! It will give you a much better sense of how long 5 minutes really is, work on getting to your point across quickly and efficiently, and help your typing skills
  8. Hello everyone! I know that the ORPAS applications just opened recently and it's a very stressful next few months! Do not be afraid to reach out to others on this forum, individuals you may know in 1st/2nd year, or graduates for advice on essays, CASPer, interviews etc.! We all want one another to succeed. Also, if you haven't already, check out the Canadian Physiotherapy Student on Instagram/YouTube.. he has some great pointers/insight when it comes to applications!
  9. Depending on how much you need to improve your GPA an entire undergrad may not be necessary - Athabasca offers plenty of online courses if you only need to raise your GPA a few 0.01s! I took four courses and improved my subGPA by 0.05 to meet cut offs!
  10. People can be accepted off the waitlist right up until the first week or two of classes I believe!
  11. It takes both into account! Basically if I'm waitlisted at position #1 and someone who was accepted declines their offer, I get a call offering a position (and I think you only have like 24-48 hours to accept, I could be wrong), but say I was accepted to a different school and accept that offer instead, the waitlist will keep on moving!
  12. I could be wrong but I believe the waitlist went 20 spots last year and 28ish the year before!
  13. If Queen's is your dream school, you can certainly cater your next year to make your application strong, specifically to Queen's. It would appear the subGPA cut-off this year was a 3.73, last year it was a 3.70, the year before a 3.68 I believe. With this in mind, you may want to ensure you have a subGPA of at least 3.75 or .76 to be safe for next year. As long as you make the cut-off, however, Queen's definitely weighs your essays higher than your GPA (I was accepted to Queen's PT this year with a 3.73 subGPA). I made sure I had a variety of experience working in PT (MSK, neuro, long-term car
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