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  1. Thank you guys for the advice. Sent an email. Not expecting anything, but you're right, nothing to lose. Edit: Got a reply. No luck, but was worth a shot.
  2. Well actually it wasn't 4 pm cause I was overseas, but none the less I was like wtf is going on, why can't I submit. Then I saw the message it was closed. Feels bad man....
  3. Hello all, I'm looking AMCAS and/or OMSAS application review. I'm more than happy to do application exchange sessions over skype or something if you are applying too.
  4. Venipuncture is not injection which is the protected act you would need the qualifications you mention as far as I know. We do get have quite a bit of training for the job though. But yeah apparently I have been doing these applications too literally.
  5. I figure actually giving a writing sample might be useful here.
  6. Do you have a good way to get to improve my application writing process (other than spending thousands and thousands on these application review programs that I don't even know are effective)?
  7. Yes, I think the way I write certainly doesn't do my favours but I have found it difficult to get significant improvements in it. I tried BeMo in 2nd attempt and it really wasn't a leap there. I do wonder though about the substantialness of what I've done sometimes comparatively but yeah I still feel my presentation isn't the best. Unfortuantely, all the non-premeds I have reviewed parts of my applications with (including going to the writing centre to review my personal statement) lack understanding of the modern medical lens useful for my specific case. My career centre only does resume and
  8. Full load all years. Applied only USMD. School list: Albert Einstein College of Medicine Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science New York Medical College Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine Saint Louis University School of Medicine State University of New York Upstate Medical University Stony Brook University School of Medicine <-this one I screwed up I think cause the 2ndry probably went to spam and I didn't catch it Tulane University School of Medicine University of California, Los Angele
  9. Residence gives IP status generally though, doesn't it? I figure doing productive research in the meantime would be a good use of the time and make me a better applicant in general. I feel like I have quite a bit of clinical with the part-time job (see post above), so is there anything more specific that you think would be best to pursue for me at this point? Thanks for the response.
  10. Ah I forgot to list it. I've been a clinical assistant part-time the last ~2 years where I triage, take blood, take some health-related measurements, complete health assessment forms, and manage patient reports.
  11. Tried McGill last year no dice, but yeah I guess things will be different if I try to get residence status in Montreal. Think my best bet is: "Situation 6. You resided in Quebec for one year and did not study full-time at a Quebec educational institution." However, those stats don't look great even for locals. That said, do you know if you can be a resident in multiple places at once. Would kinda hate to give up the in-province status in Ontario where there is more schools i can apply to for just 1 school or something. Thanks for the reply though.
  12. Hello all, So I'm in a position where I don't know what the best choice is forward. To make this fun maybe consider it like a mmi question? I want to go to medical school but haven't made it to even the interview stage in Ontario. Here is information about me but please feel free to ask for more if relevant in what you suggest: Graduated June 2018, went back to take prerequisites like Organic Chemistry for American medical schools the 2018-2019 school year. cGPA: 3.9+ (still waiting on a few courses, but my degree cGPA ended up being 3.92) MCAT: 129/129/128/130
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