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  1. Thank you for sharing!!! Appreciate the work behind all of this. I hope we can pull together as much support as possible. Crossing fingers.
  2. @Yellowhead - If we are worried about lack of adequate training, isn't improving training a better solution? When wait lists are already so high, I feel like we should be encouraging more GPs and psychiatrists to offer psychotherapy. In many instances, access to psychotherapy saves Ontario from more expensive treatment options because ailments have escalated. Regarding limiting the number of sessions, I still fundamentally believe this should be based on patient-need rather than an arbitrary number. There are definitely reasons why patients may need more or less than 24. I don't see why l
  3. I have seen this too. @ellorie do you know how someone could contact members of the working group to express this?
  4. @Yellowhead Thanks for the perspective. Are there any considerations or options for patients who require more frequent therapy? Wouldn’t more training be a better solution given our current mental health crisis if scope and readiness are concerns? I would prefer that strategies to target misuse instead of a blanket policy that restricts everyone based on an arbitrary cap instead of medical need.
  5. OHIP-coverage for psychotherapy is on the chopping block to be capped based on a OMA working group. Any thoughts? Anyone know of how I could reach out to someone within the working group about this? This would be a decision that would impact me personally. https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/mental-health-advocates-critical-of-proposed-ohip-talk-therapy-cap
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