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  1. AGPA: not sure, I am around 3.95 out of 4 MCAT: 525 OOP, received interview invite.
  2. I got my MCAT score today. I released it to Dal on AAMC via My Reports > Send Scores Electronically and chose "Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine." Is there anything else I need to do?
  3. I'm not saying whether the CPSO is right or wrong to follow the policies that they have chosen. I'm simply saying that they are in fact bound to respect freedom of expression, because they are not a private organization. Like all regulatory bodies, it uses the power of the government to regulate medicine. It doesn't matter what CMDS v CPSO decided, the fact that it was even heard proves that the CPSO has to follow the Charter.
  4. Canadian courts have heard cases where regulatory bodies have been challenged for violating the Charter. For example, in CMDS v. CPSO, the courts had to decide whether the CPSO violated section 2(a) of the Charter, which provides freedom of religion. Obviously, if the CPSO must obey 2(a), it also must obey 2(b). In general though I think Canadian courts give professional regulatory bodies a lot of leeway in how much they're able to restrict freedom of expression.
  5. The CPSO is acting on behalf of the government, so it is bound by the Charter (which provides for freedom of expression).
  6. Dalhousie abandoned reference letters several years ago.
  7. Hey, I just posted this in another thread but it seems even more applicable to you. There's definitely hope you can salvage your GPA, but you should ask yourself why you are not doing well in your courses. If you can identify and change these factors, then you should have no problem attaining a competitive GPA as long as you are patient.
  8. Unfortunately it looks like he's not active here anymore but this thread is worth a read and maybe see if anyone here can contact him for you:
  9. Not sure if you are aware, but I've found another user, but one who chose a USMD acceptance (CRWU) over a Canadian school (Calgary) according to their signature: http://forums.premed101.com/profile/29142-bearpuppy/
  10. This person was in a similar situation as you (accepted into a US MD school and UBC) several years ago and recently came back to give his update: Obviously it is just one person's opinion but you may find it helpful!
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