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  1. Wow I always root for people like you: that is amazing!!!!! I will definitely be PMing you thank you so much for the offer !!!! Honestly the idea of maybe possible getting an acception after how much I have struggled in the beginning is the only thing keeping me going. Honestly you should be proud of your path, like I said I always admire stories like that. They're so motivational and prove the perseverance is key! Thank you so much for your response!
  2. I dont know: I did what wa expected of me in highschool (homework) , studied for tests, I wouldn't call my study habits bad in highschool; they just weren't over the top (more of a high 80 student than a high 90 student) but university for me requires a lot more work, maybe my highschool was just easy But honestly you are 100% correct with the working. I know the people who are serious don't work. But unfortunately it is not an option for me not to work; I wish I could quit my job but my family is in a really bad financial situation (due to some poor financial decisions the
  3. Honestly I did get stuck on this path. University for me personally was a huge transition : my high school experience was not the best: (I used to think that if I got 85's I was doing good, I wasn't an "I need a 96" high schooler), so as long as I finished with 85+ I would be happy. And there wasn't a need to study too much for me to achieve that. And 100% on the content, a whole high school exam was like 2 chapters in university haha; I also didn't go into university right after highschool. So I forgot some things. There are so many factors to this but I will save the sob story lol.
  4. Thank you very much for the support. A big thing for me is I do not really have a support system. My family does not really know the extent of applications and just think that I am going to get in. And none of my friends are in the premed path: my "premed" friends are people who got 4.0's from year one : so I avoid interaction in the fear of judgment. You're 100% right with me browsing through this forum. It was just that with interviews (people already talking about it during school) I let curiosity get the best of me. It was seriously discouraging. I will try looking
  5. You’re right sorry; I edited my post
  6. Ontario Wise; Only Mac looks at cGPA and their cutoff is lower because of that, UofT uses wGPA if you took a full course load, Queens and Western last two years and UofOttawa uses wGPA where they use 3 years and the first year grades are multiplied by 1 then , second year by 2 , third year by three and averaged; your cGPA is about a 3.79 and your wGPA is all 3.9+;
  7. Thank you, I am doing a lot of self reflecting to see what went wrong exactly and although I did work hard I know what mistakes I made and am hoping going down the road I have learned from them. I know it is easier said than done, but I am praying that the fact that I know this is literally my only shot and theres no room for any mess ups anymore will motivate me to put in 110 percent. If I truly see that I am putting in that effort and not getting the marks, I will revaluate med as that means I am not suited for it. If I don't work hard as much as I plan to that means I dont truly want it; bu
  8. Thank you very much; sorry I just dont want to make any mistakes that can ruin any slim shot I have; but thank you!
  9. So after doing a bit of calculations and serious self reflecting I have come to this conclusion. Basically I am sitting at a cGPA with a 3.3, which I know is not competitive. Yearly its 3.2, and 3.4. I am entering my third year and I am going to try my hardest to achieve a 3.9+ this year and next year. I know, I know; easier said than done but this isn't just talking and I REALLY planned out my courses a lot smarter this year; I'm confident I will achieve a 4 in 7/10 of these courses I just have to work hard at these other 3. I know that I would be most li
  10. Okay thank you very much; I guess I will just work a normal job to support myself financially and volunteer for the experience. I know some undergrads were successful in securing research positions and some are doing pharmacy assistant/ clinical research but a lot of it is within school or connections, appreciate the advice; thanks!
  11. Hello there, I was just wondering if there were any premeds who were successful in finding a job in healthcare and how they went about finding it? I find myself in a vicious cycle in the summer where I need to make money financially, but find myself only being able to get a job in food service/ customer service. Were there any special courses you took that could be completed in the summer? I know Canada is unlike the states where it is uncommon to find a scribing job and such, but I know there are medical jobs out there; I would be willing to take a course to be more qualified but
  12. Wow, thank you so much for the words encouragement; I really appreciate it! It means a lot!!!!! I will definitely be taking your advice; thank you again!
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