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  1. Interesting how they’re sending out emails in reverse order this year
  2. Any thoughts on what time UBC will start sending out emails? I’m getting so anxious waiting
  3. This def happened to me, so I got cut off halfway by the system. It was an awkward ending...
  4. I had my interview today and definitely did not feel great afterwards. I had a few technical difficulties at the beginning of three stations, which kind of threw me off. I think I did well in one station, but otherwise felt pretty meh for all the others. One station I definitely bombed, the interviewer was trying to direct me with a few follow up questions, but I just couldn’t come up with anything meaningful! It’s going to be a long 3 month wait.
  5. Time Stamp (i.e. include date and time): 1:20 PM (PST) Dec 18Result (i.e. invite or regrets): Invite (regular deadline), last name starts with LGPA/AGPA (i.e. whichever is applicable): AGPA ~83 (last year), likely increased to 84 this yearMCAT (i.e. total score and breakdown in the order of CP/CARS/BB/PS): 515 (130/127/129/129)Geography (i.e. IP or OOP): IPECs (i.e. brief rundown of Research Pubs/Presentations, Awards, Employment, and Non-Academic Activities - also Rural stuff if you want/if it applies): From Critical Care RN x3 years, lots of volunteering/work experience, some researchNAQ Ran
  6. It’s over friends, the class is full email just came out. Wishing you all the best and see you next year
  7. Was there any mention on whether the offers will come in waves or one by one?
  8. Thank you for letting us know. I really appreciate it!
  9. I’m checking the Facebook group every so often to see if number of members go up. So far it’s been the same at 123members.
  10. Nothing on my end Do the offers typically go out in one batch?
  11. No need to confirm as per email: ”Please note you do not need to confirm if you wish to remain on our list. If you accept an offer of admission at another school of medicine and no longer wish to be considered at Queen's, we would be grateful if you would let our office know. Please email queensmd@queensu.ca if you wish to have your name removed from the wait list.“
  12. Thank you!!! How long did you have to wait before you heard back?
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