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  1. The email I recieved today has a point about discrepancies.
  2. They still haven't verified my score either. I wrote the exam last year, AAMC released end of Aug 2021. I got an email reminding me to release and enter my MCAT score into the portal which spooked me, but I think it was mass emailed to all applicants? The end of the email mentions they'll be verifying throughout October, and that confirmation AAMC released our score is proof that Dal recieved our results.
  3. Has there been any information released about the phase 3 changes for next cycle? According to UofT's FAQ, they were suppose to share the changes in "Fall of 2020".
  4. I think McMaster mentioned something about increasing the number of interview invites by however many guaranteed invites there are. There was a thread about it on here recently. @MedicineLCS described how to calculate GPA/CARS percentiles given recently published admissions data. If I'm calculating this correctly, you're GPA puts you in the 80th percentile, and CARS in the 78th percentile of all applicants. A few people have reported getting interviews with similar and even lower percentiles last cycle, so CASPer performance is huge. An Interview invite is definitely possible. Good luck
  5. UofT reported the average raw GPA for the c/o 2024 matriculants was 3.89. I'm guessing the average GPA for the upcoming cycle will be a bit higher than that, but not as high as in the past. This also means the GPA they consider "competitive" might decrease a bit. Maybe 3.75? It's all conjecture. As for whether they will look at apps more holistically moving forward...things might change drastically in the cycle after this one with the implementation of phase 3 changes, but we have no reason to believe UofT will change how they screen apps this cycle. They'll probably continue business as
  6. You may have already seen this, but check out Mac's published admission stats for c/o 2022 -- 7 people got in with a GPA between 3.5 and 3.59. Mac looks at GPA/CARS/CASPer with equal weighting for interview invites, so it's safe to assume these 7 applicants had at least average CARS (129) and CASPer performance. From there it's all down to MMI performance which is weighted at 70%. Things might be different this cycle due to the guaranteed interviewees, but there's no point in dwelling on that. I'm in the same position. All we can do is put in our best effort and see where it leads. We're
  7. I sure hope so. My GPA is below average haha.
  8. From their FAQ page: Make of it what you will
  9. Probably proceed as usual offering 550 interviews, and then add the guaranteed re-applicants to that number. At least that's my interpretation.
  10. UofT has never been truly holistic since they don't consider ABS/BPE's unless you pass the cycle's GPA cutoff. If anything, the raw GPA stat gives us an idea of how the GPA of the next admitted class will look like... probably at least 3.9 .
  11. Paraphrasing their justification for the 2FCE cap: Applicants who had other things going on in their life (caring for loved ones) were disadvantaged because they might not have been able to take 5 courses/semester, making them ineligible to get wGPA. Wasn't this the purpose for the AEE? Students in this situation could share their story and wGPA may have been applied for them. The 2FCE cap will actually put many of these applicants at a disadvantage. I'm exactly the applicant they are trying to help, however, this change takes me from slightly below competitive to ineligible. I took a ful
  12. Can someone help me understand how McGill uses MCAT scores? On their site they mention academic score is "90% is based on the undergraduate CGPA and 10% is based on academic context." In the next section, they state that the MCAT is used "in conjunction with academic results in the relevant science prerequisite courses (50/50 weighting)." So is the MCAT somehow factored into the academic score or is it just a way to meet minimum pre-req grade.
  13. Got in with similar stats? Either way, it most definitely was not a fluke. They must have done really well on both the CASPer and MMI
  14. This list is kind of depressing... What do you guys think happened with Standford's 2019 data -- 9 internationals accepted, but 0 interviews??
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