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  1. Since Australian Grads have a 100% rate of attaining internship and registrarship (in Australia despite what ppl say here I have talked to more than 10 grads from last 2 yrs that got placed from UQ also UQ has this info on their site https://medicine-program.uq.edu.au/international-graduate-outcomes ) and since Singaporeans and UK students also apply this combined with a pretty good chance of matching back (60%) to Canada after self selection it has gotten pretty difficult. This yr the lowest I heard was a 3.2 at UQ and not sure about the MCAT but I was accepted with a 3.7 and 514 this yr (gar
  2. Australian schools esp the top ones are very competitive compared to other international schools because there is a very good chance for you to stay there and complete your training... just recently saw a thread by an Australian trained cdn doctor wanting to move to Canada who said that there’s almost no chance you won’t get to train there (till now) on premed101 (it’s in the med student section).... so ya unfortunately with ur stats I doubt any Australian schools are possible if u did well in highschool you could apply to a 6 yr program ?
  3. I watched a webinar from OzTREKK yesterday and they said for uSyd u need prolly a 507+ and most likely a 510+
  4. I’m gonna be in VAncouver BC studying for the MCAT in July and Aug will be more than happy to join PM for email.
  5. Hi there, It's my first time posting here so pls bear with me if I don't know the right lingo. I'm a student in McMaster's research focused iSci program mentioning because I think this gives me an edge? maybe someone lmk if it does?. Anyway as of the end of my second yr I have a: 3.7 cGPA and my Science and Non-science should be same by the AMCAS scale I'm confident that by the next yr I'll have a 3.80 flat Is a 3.80 still competitive with a 80th percentile MCAT for US schools? This is approx what I'm aiming and I'm confident I can get if I apply early to low
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