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  1. I've shadowing for the past few weeks and I'm debating whether I should ask for a LOR. If I do this, how I should go about it? Is it better to ask in person or email? Also what's a good amount of shadowing hours? Thanks!
  2. I've shadowing a periodontist for the past few weeks and I'm debating whether I should ask her for a LOR. If I do this, how I should go about it? Is it better to ask in person or email? Also, how many shadowing hours is enough for most schools? Thanks!
  3. I can't believe people like this exist. Anyone know what happened in this case? I hope he's not practicing right now.
  4. You would have a chance at Western but your RC is below their cutoff. I think you can get into american schools depending on your GPA and ECs.
  5. For Canadian schools, GPA is king. Having stellar ECs and a personal statement written be a nobel prize winner wouldn't really help you. Honestly your best chance is taking a 5th year and getting a high GPA to apply to Western. If it helps, I had a classmate who wasn't the brightest girl for the first 2 years. Somehow she did amazing the last 2 years and now she's at Western... so hey, it's definitely possible.
  6. I don't know a single soul who used Kaplan or Princeton books haha
  7. I honestly think this could lead to classes filled with 4.0's. If you messed up in a single year, you got an up road battle now. They should honestly look at applicants more holistically...
  8. You don't need any textbooks other than the manual you get with registration. For resources, I thought Crusher was more than enough. I had similar questions that showed up on my exam and it definitely prepared me well. I also used a little bit of Bootcamp too which was helpful but I don’t think it was needed since you can find everything on crusher. If you really want to use textbooks, you can try using your textbooks/notes from undergrad but I wouldn't recommend it incase you miss something covered on the DAT.
  9. I'm assuming it will be early January because of COVID and the cDAT was delayed by 2-3 weeks this year.
  10. I took the cDAT the previous week and I used both Crusher and Bootcamp. I would say Crusher is definitely more representative, I had questions that showed up on my exam that were word for word from crusher. Bootcamp is also good but a lot harder than the real exam and it didn't offer any printable questions content like Crusher does. Since the cDAT is on paper it makes a big difference if you practice on paper or not. If I have to retake, I will probably just go with Crusher tbh. I would also look into getting the CDA manual since it has an official practice test. Although it's much easie
  11. I emailed the CDA 3 times in the past month and no response. This whole thing feels like a mess. I just wish the CDA gives out a proper response.
  12. Chances for UofT? IP DAT: 20AA, 19PAT. Didn't have enough time to study so will be retaking to bump it up. GPA: 3.9
  13. There is only one official DAT practice test and it's provided when you register for the DAT. I saw an online copy of it floating around in the Canadian DAT facebook group, maybe look there.
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