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  1. Je n'ai pas téléversé mon relevé de note. Je l'ai envoyé via le portail de mon université (UdeM).
  2. Moi aussi ! J'ai une amie qui est intéressée à nous joindre, mais elle n'a pas de compte ici. Nous sommes universitaires.
  3. Thanks for your reply I started over and now it makes more sense. I think I moved some cells in the excel sheet and it messed up the whole thing lol. I now have 3.7X for my McGill gpa but I'm not sure it's going to be enough for this cycle. What do you think ?
  4. Haha yeah I was counting on my winter grades to be considered. My gpa dropped a bit from 3,9x/4.3 to 3.7x/4 when I converted my grades. Now I'm unsure if it will be enough for this cycle. I'll hope for the best lol. Also do you know if they round up the gpa to one decimal ?
  5. Tu fais référence à 3 sections complètes ou 3 sous questions ?
  6. Je l'ai envoyé via mon portail étudiant, tout se fait en ligne
  7. Bonjour, J'ai envoyé mon relevé de note via le portail de mon Université (Udem) en début de semaine. Je viens de recevoir un courriel de Usherbrooke me disant qu'il me manque mon relevé. Normalement, ça prend combien de temps avant qu'ils le reçoivent ? Merci !!
  8. Your local GPA is the one calculated at your current university (basically what you see on your official transcript) while the 3,95 is McGill's GPA. They're different because I assume your University has a 4.3 scale and McGill is on 4. Hope it helps
  9. J'ai reçu mon numéro dans un courriel intitulé "(REG-DA) Accusé de réception - Université de Sherbrooke" une fois avoir soumis ma demande d'admission. As-tu regardé dans tes courriels indésirables, il s'y trouve peut-être ?
  10. Hello, I just finished filling out my workbook history but the gpa calculated by the excel sheet is way lower than my current gpa. I have about 3.9/4.3 and the workbook showed 3.6 for mcgill and 3.7X for the local gpa. What can explain that gap ? Anyone else had this problem ? Am I panicking for nothing ? Please send help. EDIT: Idk what I did the first time but now it's working
  11. Same it's my first time and I'm also feeling so stressed ! Really need some advices
  12. Having the same problem, does it take some time after you received the email before you can login ?
  13. Hello, Do you guys have an idea on how would McGill selection process work this year since winter 2020 would not be taken into consideration in the gpa calculation for some students while others who have already graduated might have more credits counting towards their overall gpa (and might be more competitive) ? (don't know if it's clear my English is a little rusty )
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