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  1. Hi @Meridian, thanks for the feedback! And yeah I had a full course-load for first year. So I took bio (cell biology, genetics), chem (basic organic chem + thermochemistry), and physics (waves + circuits) with a few electives. To address your comment "Studying for MCAT will not be to prep you for 2nd year. It is to do well on the MCAT" -- I'm definitely taking the MCAT as if it is my last and I'm aiming for a 515+ (ambitious I know). So assuming I do well on the MCAT, I'm hoping the material I covered from studying will help me in my second year biochem/org courses. Do you know if the mate
  2. Hi! I'm debating whether if I should take the MCAT this summer (I just finished my first year of undergrad). My reasons are: 1) I'm mostly free during this summer and I'm not planning on taking any summer courses (since I have credits from AP). 2) I have a research position at a lab and currently part of a project (spending at least 30+ hours a week) and I don't think this will take most of my time during the summer. 3) I'm planning on using the MCAT for preparation for my second year courses. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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