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  1. You can still practice in US if you are willing to take a two year international bridging program in a US dental school.
  2. Australian dental schools are not accredited in US. Australian graduates must have a two-year international bridging program in a US dental school if they want to practice in US.
  3. I am currently shadowing a general dentist in the GTA area. He graduated from the University of Melbourne. He told me that finding a job is very competitive in the GTA area. His principle dentists mentioned that they get around 100-150 applications for an associate position posted online. In addition, there are ups and downs in income from month to month. He only expects to earn around 120K each year. He ends with 400K debt from the Melbourne. After payment of debt and tax, his payment is only around 30K(essentially minimum wage) each year and will be doing so for the next 7-8 years. Give
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