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  1. I heard that research experience for Uoft med is pretty important, so I extended that knowledge to dentistry. That being said I know two people who have gotten in without research recently, and I think it's more about having certain competencies that comes with doing higher level academic work. At the end of the day, finding a research position that allows for meaningful work is extremely difficult, I went through many positions myself until I was able to do basic analysis. I think this would be the same for most candidates, so demonstrating your skills in other areas should be okay.
  2. I just called in to UoW, and found out my physiology courses don't apply anymore, so I'm gonna have to take the physio challenge exam. I was wondering if anyone has taken it and could speak to its difficultt. Also what materials did you use to study?
  3. Hi everyone, I graduated from the global health program a little while back, so if anyone has questions feel free to message me.
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