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  1. Getting research experience and your name on a published paper will help you definitively whether you would be applying at McGill ( for the CV & MMI) or other French schools (MMIs mainly); however, you also have to keep in mind that you would have to allocate some of your time for this project, time that could be spent on studying and improving your R-Score. It simply comes up to can I improve my R-Score/Maintain it or will this project be too much of a burden. French Unis tend to consider more the R-SCORE pre-interview as well as post-interview whereas McGill has a different approach. Fro
  2. Try to land the interview and then it becomes a leveled plain field for everyone as 100% of your interview counts for you acceptance (at this point a 37+ R-Score or 34.5-35 won't make a difference with the admission committee). In order to get invited for the MMI they'll asses your academic performance, your CASPer, as well as you C.V. (percentages may vary depending on the year), but in essence the R-Score and CASPer are indicators used to cut a large majority of the pool of applicants and the C.V. is used a final mean to determine which student who are currently "on the fence" get and invit
  3. Seems the waiting list has moved up quite a lot this year as compared to prior ones. Don't lose hope guys and good luck! https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/after-youve-applied/waitlist-post-interview
  4. Quant a la nouvelle policy de Laval avec le Cutoff de 33, je dois dire que je suis en accord avec @Thatonestudent. Peut importe dans quelle categorie tu est (basse cote R, moyenne cote R 35-36, ou haut cote R 37+) cela aura comme resulat d'un plus grand nombre d appliquantpour un semblable nombre de places. Deja la competition est feroce, cela va juste s'empire. Quant a l'argument que quelqun a presque aussi bien fait s'il y a un 33 vs. 36+ ou encre 38ish, est completement faux. Il y a tout un monde de difference entre 1points de cote R voir meme 2-3, d'hab ca se joue aux virgules. Bien entend
  5. Not yet, once the administration releases the list of the newly admitted, there will be a fb group & all.
  6. Last year, I think it went up to #99, at least I don’t remember anyone higher than that. Anyway what matters is how far the waiting list goes, if your are ranked 90 or 45, but the waiting list goes up to 25ish, then there is no reason to be worried/stress out at all. Good luck!
  7. Not yet, in the following days/weeks. Just be patient, there is no hurry.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yv373xlwa6eldzt/AACc4o24H9UecAWEidGZHPNwa?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR1rPX4qN3UZXDxGTnNglkPk5AQ_A7YNgv5yVTZfov1lO1nUSRB1tenr_yw Hope it helps!
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yv373xlwa6eldzt/AACc4o24H9UecAWEidGZHPNwa?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR1rPX4qN3UZXDxGTnNglkPk5AQ_A7YNgv5yVTZfov1lO1nUSRB1tenr_yw Hope it helps!
  10. Pr de vrai, c avantageux pr le Qc et les patients, mais merde pour les CARMS. Câline y pouvait pas attendre 1-2 ans...
  11. Speechless....c super bien pour les nvx applicants, mais une fois en medecine, la competition va extreme et encore plus feroce pour certain post/specialite aux CARMS. Je pense que c est pour combler des postes de med famille surtout. Je suis sans mots. Finalement, je pense que ca s appliqué a l Anne prochain pcq y a tjrs slm 70 MedPs a McGill cette annee a ce que je sache.
  12. Patientez, d hab ca se fait un peu plus tard (fin Mai, Juan) surtout que les LA bougent enormement a ce temps ci. Croyez moi, les eleves des annes superieurs sont aussi inquiet par rapport aux etudes a distance, sinon plus que vs.
  13. Nah oublié. L anne passe pr campus MTL c était #20 et pr OUTAOUAIS, c était ~#35
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