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  1. For Future Applicants: Applied: Western, Queens, Toronto, Mcmaster (All PT) Accepted: Queens Waitlisted: Western Rejected: Mcmaster GPA: c-gpa= 3.69 , s-gpa= 3.96 In terms of experience nothing extraordinary, volunteered with hospital elder life program for about 150 hours, and with children treatment centre for about 50 hours. I spent quite a good amount of time writing my Queens essay, I did the CASPER test early and did not feel that I did good enough.
  2. Congratulation on getting into UofT. If you firmly accept an offer, I believe you would be removed from the list of other schools. So I would wait for a while
  3. Hi there, I am applying from Laurentian, which school did you go to for physiotherapy?
  4. I went to Western for part of my undergrad, I do not have much information about the PT program. But the living situation is pretty good in London, it is a student city and there are lots of places to rent. We had a 3 bedroom apartment for 1500$ a few years ago ( it was 10 min walk from campus). Some of my friends paid like 400-450 but they lived a little far.
  5. Has anyone been successful in getting student line of credit without a cosigner and without a solid job history. I would really appreciate if some one can talk about their experience of getting student line of credit for Ontario/Canadian PT schools.
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