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  1. Hospitalist medicine can have varying acuity depending on the hospital you are working in. You have the advantage of using COVID as an excuse. Consider using it. Take some time to reflect, speak with residents in those specialties, and decide what is most important to you. Where do you want to work, what level of acuity, generalist or specialist, etc). Ultimately this decision falls entirely on what you want with your life.
  2. Nursing staff are paid from the hospital budget. Physicians are paid from the provincial budget. Many (most) hospitals can not afford to have all surgeries assisted by a nurse. Surgeons also have preferences for who they assist with, which they would not be able to do if the assist was a salaried employee of the hospital. Surgical assist has historically been a physician role. Just because there are nurse practitioners that do primary care does not mean we should remove primary care physicians.
  3. Just to clarify for any premeds reading this thread who may misunderstand... a B is not a career ending grade. You are allowed to get a bad mark on your transcript and medicine is full of people who did not get perfect A+ grades in all of their classes. Worry about things you can change, not those you can’t.
  4. https://www.lermuseum.org/cost-of-freedom/rights-a-freedoms/the-charter/mobility-rights I wonder how much the taxpayer will pay for this mistake.
  5. You don’t need a medical if you sign up at the end of medical school, and can increase your coverage without a medical thereafter for most plans. If you wait you will likely need a medical.
  6. They may just delay it until later on in your training.
  7. You can do fellowships, like ICU or toxicology.
  8. Your contract begins July 1st. They will make you work because they have to pay you.
  9. I never used my core rotation letters. I used a different mix of elective letters for each school. Dont overthink it. A good letter from an elective is better than a mediocre core letter.
  10. Enjoy your time off and don’t worry about the start. You’ll be fine in residency and everyone will be understanding that adjusting during the chaos will be difficult.
  11. I exclusively used Uworld and felt it was more than sufficient.
  12. It also isn’t good for patients to have to drive several hours to be seen in an emergency department or have to deliver their baby on the side of the road. There are many good reasons closing rural hospitals is political suicide, and it’s not because people like wasting money.
  13. This isn’t only found in rural settings, you also see this in urban. Everyone should always question what they’re taught and make efforts to stay current on their own.
  14. While there are fewer traumas that come in, there is proportionally fewer learners. You also won’t have RT or other supports, so you become quite proficient in the other tasks (draw your own ABG, monitor and change your own vent settings, resource allocation, etc.).
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