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  1. This is correct. The pay is the same regardless of your designation, with the exception of a consult code for the FRCPC staff. This may be province dependent. There is no overhead. The hourly pay will vary depending on the hospital (volume, amount of coverage, etc.) and each hospital has its own hourly pay/billing split.
  2. This is not accurate. Ask your staff docs about what they are paid. Most emergency departments are paid an hourly rate plus a % of shadow billings, and it certainly isn’t in the $300 range.
  3. You don’t need it to start. The deadline is you can’t get a full license or write the part 2 until you’ve done part one. If you fail you write again and it won’t impact your residency.
  4. That is a completely separate program. That program is where you work extra shifts outside of your program requirements (not redeployment to another block), without a restricted license, and they will pay you an hourly rate. They give an example in that email. I doubt anyone has successfully claimed this program because it was only approved on April 29th.
  5. This is not funding for redeployment. This is for working on a restricted license outside of the work you do as a resident. If you are redeployed as a resident, that changes the block/rotation you are on but does not entitle you to this hourly pay. If you were to work extra overnight shifts in the ICU as an MRP through this policy using a restricted license, then you would be entitled to this pay.
  6. When you’re not a resident you need to be in a rural community for 12 months.
  7. Senior residents are writing their licensing exams this week as well.
  8. ****NOTE****** the account this post was previously replying to has since had their posts deleted, I am not referencing the person who is directly above me. ******* To counter the account above which has only ever posted content supporting RBC..... OMA was cheaper for me until I turned 58, not taking into account the refunds OMA gives. I don’t particularly need disability insurance once I’m 55. What ultimately drove me to not use RBC was the horrific selling practices such as posting on online forums and not stating outright that they work for RBC while under anonymou
  9. Hospitalist medicine can have varying acuity depending on the hospital you are working in. You have the advantage of using COVID as an excuse. Consider using it. Take some time to reflect, speak with residents in those specialties, and decide what is most important to you. Where do you want to work, what level of acuity, generalist or specialist, etc). Ultimately this decision falls entirely on what you want with your life.
  10. Nursing staff are paid from the hospital budget. Physicians are paid from the provincial budget. Many (most) hospitals can not afford to have all surgeries assisted by a nurse. Surgeons also have preferences for who they assist with, which they would not be able to do if the assist was a salaried employee of the hospital. Surgical assist has historically been a physician role. Just because there are nurse practitioners that do primary care does not mean we should remove primary care physicians.
  11. Just to clarify for any premeds reading this thread who may misunderstand... a B is not a career ending grade. You are allowed to get a bad mark on your transcript and medicine is full of people who did not get perfect A+ grades in all of their classes. Worry about things you can change, not those you can’t.
  12. https://www.lermuseum.org/cost-of-freedom/rights-a-freedoms/the-charter/mobility-rights I wonder how much the taxpayer will pay for this mistake.
  13. You don’t need a medical if you sign up at the end of medical school, and can increase your coverage without a medical thereafter for most plans. If you wait you will likely need a medical.
  14. They may just delay it until later on in your training.
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