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  1. it's just family docs advertising their services/clinics at that. they're not official +1s.
  2. Some schools used to accept compassionate transfers after preclerkship (so right before starting clerkship). I don't know if it's done anymore, but it might be worth looking into. Either way, you'd be significantly setting your life back by restarting- I wouldn't recommend it. Try and make peace with your circumstances (much easier said than done; I am trying to do the same as someone who accepted an offer to a school in what turned out to be a very hostile city).
  3. Ah, I'm sorry to hear If you were able to get an acceptance once, I'm sure you can do it again, if this is what you want to do Don't be discouraged. Maybe try calling the admissions office personally to put your mind at ease.
  4. Or accepting and taking a deferral. I went through something similar, and every school I asked (UoT, Schulich, Ottawa) offered me a deferral to begin a year later due to personal circumstances. I didn't end up taking it, but they were all very accomodating.
  5. no, i don't think it's an accurate picture of what family physicians seeing more than 20 patients a day gross. a ton of FPs also work less than part time and bill less than 100k and i'm sure that brings the avg way down. if money is the goal, there's tons of ways to gross 350k+ (working weekends in rural communities, seeing more patients per hour, maximizing billing...)
  6. one source out of the many i've reviewed over the years. i dont think 280k gross for FFS is accurate. search other official sources or even this forum for more accurate data.
  7. Yes, this is true for primary care in US, but we're in Canada. Our tuition is $25k/year. A lot of this can be subsidized with OSAP grants and scholarships. Speaking from my personal experience, so far I have received $10k in grants from OSAP and about $15k in scholarships, effectively paying my tuition for the year. Many students I know are granted similar help. Even without any subsidies, $100k (+living costs, but this is a constant anyways) at prime - 0.25% will not be difficult to pay off as a family med resident and attending. I would never ever do primary care in the states because there
  8. i'm so tired of the "don't go into medicine for money" argument. people constantly say if you're after money, go into finance, tech, or engineering. fact is, engineers do not make on average $350k-400k a year like physicians do (this is the average. many will bill into the 7 figures depending on speciality/workload). most of my friends who went into business work as consultants or in a bank making $60-70k a year. computer science is great but you will max out at $120k-150k/year as a senior coder/computer engineer. of course, with all of these careers, you WILL have the outlier who makes $
  9. i regularly get drunk and never have thoughts of raping or otherwise sexually assaulting anybody?? alcohol or intoxication in general does not magically turn decent people into rapists. if alcohol is "impairing" your judgment to the point where you want to rape someone, please don't drink. ever.
  10. toronto is way more expensive, much busier, the culture at the school is honestly a bit toxic, and the program is much more demanding than other ontario schools ottawa is chill, both in weather and attitude i would go to ottawa I had this choice myself last year, and despite how much I really really loved Toronto as a city, I knew that the school's hypercompetitiveness/gunner culture was not for me. i'm much happier at a more chill program where I still have time and freedom to pursue other things outside of medicine.
  11. i had multiple acceptances last year, and I chose Western because it was close to home and it's a pretty chill program compared to other schools. it's going to be a personal decision based on how close the school is to support systems, city choice, program difficulty/reputation, etc.
  12. it depends on the person. I'm in a very diverse group of friends. i find that POC tend to intermix more, though. there's a lot of white people who only hang out with white people at my school... whether it's a conscious decision or not, i dunno
  13. It's not a silly question. Some will probably come here and tell you that you won't be judged on your hair. The reality is many of your interviewers (especially the older ones) may think untraditional hairstyles are unprofessional/unseemingly/unfitting for a future physician. they won't explicitly say or write this when evaluating your interview performance, but it could totally play a factor, even subconsciously. I'd say just get any standard "professional" haircut. you can manbun it and dye it pink once you've got the acceptance.
  14. jealousy isn't a good look. none of this is a good look. something about a future physician being bitter over a marginalized and disadvantaged immigrant receiving support and financial help really doesn't sit well with me.
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