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  1. Are you implying that Mac2023 wasn't vetted based on merit? Do you think an MD2023 grad from mac would have been exposed to a lesser medical curriculum and training than an MD2023/24 grad from another school?
  2. Congratulations! I didn't ask for you to do anything. I merely wanted to point out that people who may judge or discriminate against mac 2023 are in the wrong, and I hope that you can hold the same beliefs once you're an attending so as to not perpetuate the culture.
  3. Nah. I think we can all agree that the hierarchy of medicine and the toxic parts of its culture are problematic. The reason why these institutions have remained in place for so long is partly because people just roll over without trying to change things for the better due to self-preservation (which is totally understandable). If we want things to change and be more just, we need to advocate for it as future healthcare professionals. What were the CANMEDS roles again?
  4. If specialty/residency directors look down upon you for this reason, you probably don't want to be apart of their judgmental and presumptuous program anyway.
  5. Why not? Justice is one of the ethical pillars. If Mac stands by the fairness of their lottery system, then they should be able to defend it against the scrutiny of the news/public inquiry.
  6. Bruh, the poll says 2x more mac interviewees have the button than not, wouldn't it be more likely that no button = accept offer, since there are less invites than regrets/waitlist? Anyway, this probably means nothing I'm gunna eat my breakie now
  7. They send the short description, not the reflection.
  8. Agreed, but slight correction - you have (3?) weeks of break during clerkship b/w winter breaks, check out the updated curriculum calendar. Also this schedule will be very similar to your residency and attending schedules, so there might be merit in getting used to that lifestyle while still in school.
  9. Prefer Mac: older students who want to enter the workforce earlier, students whose families live in the area, students who want to save money (tuition and living expenses), students who know their specialty of choice, likes PBL I think the reasons for choosing a 4 year program over Mac's 3 would be: likes the school/city, wants vacation time, prefers lecture based learning, wants more time for research
  10. So weird, I don't have this tab. Guess I'll have to email the school tomorrow
  11. How do I reach "Documents"? I don't see this tab. I just see a column of personal info, contact info, citizenship info, etc
  12. When will UofA give unsuccessful applicants feedback? Will it be through email or the online portal?
  13. The more speculation we do, the more anxiety we'll feel for the next 2 months, because everyone is going to fervently support the weighting that is most beneficial to themselves. I suggest we all fuck off from this site, block it, and go on with our lives. See y'all in August hopefully, and good luck!
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