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  1. Does anyone know the current status of this? Will RBC provide the professional line of credit for the PA program?
  2. Have you logged on to UofT and checked your status?!?!?!? Has yours changed at all? Mine changed today (no email or OUAC change) and I want to make sure it’s real. Edit: They’ve sent out offers around 3:30-4:00 pm today. Congrats to those who got one!
  3. This is a really cool idea and I think you’re touching on a big idea for healthcare outside of studies too. Did you ever find a good electronic platform to connect different faculties? How are the privacy/security policy/measures? I’m aware that U of T does an Interprofessional information session that includes students and practicing professionals across different healthcare positions. Not sure about electronic communications though. Would be nice to have more opportunities to connect and learn from each other!
  4. Dont give up hope yet! Some of the Ontario schools will assess your application differently if you’ve done grad school (University of Toronto for sure). I think this largely depends on your research productivity/publications and they want you to definitely finish before admitting you to the program. There is also an academic explanations essay to discuss your extenuating circumstances. Taking an extra year of classes to boost your GPA is probably the most direct way to improve your chances at multiple schools though (a bunch want at least 2 years over 3.7). A masters is super cool and a g
  5. I felt that way too! It feels so bizarre to talk to someone and not get much feedback from body language/verbal as you discuss. This took me a few stations to get used to I think. Hopefully that means it’s more objective, though :). Thanks for the great advice relaxingbath! It’s true that either way, good learning opportunity and at least we can be better prepared for the future if it doesn’t go to plan. I tried to hunt the admissions decisions info down and I didn’t see anything about how much each step is weighted. Crossing my fingers for you too, cupcake94! Thanks for
  6. Hello! I didn’t find any posts about the current application cycle and I am wondering if anyone wants to chat while we wait for the offers/rejections to come out (on the website it says up until May 15th?). The wait is killing me! How did you find the MMI? I personally was so nervous for the first station that I felt my entire body get hot and pretty sure I turned bright red . Hard to get a read on how the other stations went.
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