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  1. Thank you!! My first cycle was at the end of my 3rd year of university. I ended up taking 6 years to finish my undergraduate degree because I added on an extra minor and took part time school to boost my grades. I've been working full time in research for 2 years while finishing up school. I think it's really easy to compare and contract with peers (I know a few people who entered medical school after their 3rd year and got in after their 1st try), but I think it's important to not let it get to you too much. I think everyone's experiences are unique and will serve you in your personal a
  2. I have about an 85-86 average and was lucky enough to receive an interview this year. I've applied 3 times before getting this shot to interview. It's definitely an uphill battle with a lower GPA because it really depends on how people evaluate your ECs. The higher your GPA is the better, so keep working hard on it Also, it's best to not set any huge expectations about whether you get an interview or not, just keep working at it if it's an important goal of yours.
  3. Congratulations! I'm curious when you heard back about MD/Phd - was it a little after your MD interview invite? I applied for MD/PhD but haven't heard about the status of that invitation.
  4. I'm still pre-med and going into my 4th application cycle. I am not Black or Indigenous. I am racialized and come from a very low SES background. I completely (100%) support BSAP and ISAP. In fact, I think more needs to be done from the medical school's part to encourage more Black and Indigenous applicants. Not just at the point of admissions through these admission streams but also supporting them throughout undergrad to foster students to be equipped to apply for medical school if they choose to. I have never questioned the way these admissions streams work and whether the stud
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