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  1. I’m also going into U of T this fall and this was one of my worries. If you are looking for a solo place in downtown with walking distance from school, ur looking at 24K for 12 months, thats roughly 100K for four years of rent alone. Since tuition is 200K, that a base debt of 300K for a graduating student. but remember everything you pay for rent and tuition can be used for tax free credits later. I.e, if ur income bracket ends up at 150K for first year, u can use 100K of the 300K credit to pull ur taxed income bracket to 50K (150 - 100). Most dents are taxed at maximum rate which am
  2. Keyhole was also my weakest section in PAT. the way I improved was devoting at least 20 min of every hour of my DAT study in it. No area in PAT will magically improve after like 2-3 hours of focused work. do little by little until your eyes get used to the type of answers they want do like 3 generators (45 q)/day for a month and you will start acing it. It will just magically come to you.
  3. If ur being cheap, u can technically take the LOC from scotia, get the 500, switch to RBC when u graduate, pay back scotia, enjoy infinite grace period from RBC.
  4. Basically, the year u apply, u gotta have every single credit requirement done. (By august)
  5. I am not sure about CIBC. I read some awful stuff about their customer service.
  6. I have heard from some upper years that ONLY your dental school GPA/class rank matters (especially canadian OMFS) and everything else is secondary.
  7. If ur true keener then prepare for CBSE right now. If u manage it, then u can talk about specialization.
  8. I went by https://www.dentistry.utoronto.ca/node/1121
  9. tuition only. But including living expenses probably UBC rank 1 followed by toronto.
  10. Just an info sheet I accumulated over the year of application. Think it will save some time. Feel free to point out discrepancies and I’ll change it. 2020 Dental School Stats. Total Cost Notable course requirement. GPA U of T 200K None. Degree not required. Worst year removed / top three years Western 180K Best tw
  11. From what I have read on forums, 3.86 is barely on the line of receiving interview at U of T. Because your DAT is on the average side, given fluctuating standards of applicants in any given year, you may not have made cutoff. as I heard they do give bonuses for master students, perhaps finishing that can help you GPA wise.
  12. How did everyone feel about the interview? Thought 8 sessions were way too long lol
  13. Anyone interested in making a Facebook group for class of 2024?
  14. last years, they called to find out the rank in waitlist
  15. Alright actually, I am not 100% sure on this. Could be either. Best bet is to drop the course if u think it has a potential of going below 3.0
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