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  1. How is the coursework at Western? It seems like others I speak to from other schools say coursework is heavily theoretical and research based versus practice. Is this similar at Western? Have you had a chance to enter placements? If so, how are placements determined? What do you enjoy about placements. What can be improved? How is the program culture? How does your cohort and faculty get along. How is it organized? Any other major highlights or concerns you can share? Thank you for your consideration. Take care.
  2. For me just letting time pass always helps. It can feel slow but as my memories become more distant so do my feelings associated with them. Failure is a part of life and everyone goes through it so you are not alone. No matter what, you will find your place, and develop meaning for yourself regardless of what you do specifically. When I was not offered a spot last year I decided what to do to keep moving towards my goals. I prioritized my professional, academic, and personal development in spaces that WERE made available to me. I didn't focus on what was NOT available to me. You will always ha
  3. If you can provisionally accept oxford, then that means a potential offer from mac is still open. You have nothing to worry about if you still want macs consideration besides that possible deposit.
  4. Current UofT student here. I have been lurking these forums for the past 2 admission cycles, but have never posted because I have been unsure of my chances for admission to an OT/PT program. However, my ACORN status at UofT now shows "Invited" to MSOT2 and I have received the Torrible Goldman Sachs Scholarship email from Queen's. So, if the assumptions of this forum hold true then I am hopeful in receiving offers from the OT program at UofT and the PT program at Queen's. Regardless of where I end up, I will be thrilled if I get any offers on May 17th. Now, I am seeking help in making
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