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  1. Anyone else still on waitlist and hasn't heard back despite first day of classes being yesterday?
  2. From UBC's blog: "Out of the 288 spaces, up to 10% (29) can go to out-of-province applicants. Because it’s ‘up to’ 29 spaces, not ‘exactly’ 29 spaces that are reserved for OOP residents, we don’t have a separate waitlist for them and we don’t always replace one OOP with another OOP – we go down the list and fill spots based on the list order, making sure we don’t exceed 29 OOP spaces. There are usually quite a few highly-ranked OOP applicants so OOP declines do tend to be filled by other OOP applicants, but it really depends on how the list falls." (https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2012/04/25/of
  3. They usually send rejections, then waitlist, then acceptances. Not all at once.
  4. Any movement at all for people still on waitlist?
  5. So at this point, will we be on the waitlist until the first day of classes (Aug 19)?
  6. I didn't hear anything. But looking at the thread from last year, I think there were still offers made after all the rounds were over, probably individually.
  7. For those who attend UBC and are waitlisted - do we need to submit a copy of our transcript? Or does UBC have it already? For the applications process we didn't need to, so I'm not sure if it's needed for waitlist.
  8. UBC Admissions just posted that Round 2 offers were sent. https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2019/05/27/offers-2019-round-2-sent/
  9. Probably a low chance of getting off waitlist into VFMP then right? As majority of people put that as their 1st choice
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