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  1. Got off the waitlist yesterday! 417 pm. IP applicant!! Really hoping for the rest of you
  2. Havent heard anything it may not be today though? who knows! The waiting is hard
  3. Ah same good luck to both of you sending all the positive vibes!
  4. I am waiting too and I know it's super hard but just like the other post said people take their names off the waitlist because they get into other schools (I knew about five people last year who had accepted U of C then got in elsewhere and just lost their deposit). I still think the waitlist will move quite a bit based on what I have heard from current students also they actually only have five less spots from last year (last year they had 135) so I think our chances are still relatively the same Hoping for the best for both of us
  5. This on the blog today! I think this answers some of the questions that have been posed??
  6. I think the first batch comes out after May 25th and then its on a rolling basis into the middle of June! This is what happened last year at least I actually do know a couple people who got an acceptance a day or two before the class started In July as well in previous years. I think this makes sense based on in the email he said our applications remain open until the official class start date July 6th!
  7. Im not sure why they send out offers to more than 130 people but maybe its because they expect many of the 170 people to decline/defer so they then have to dig deep into the actual waitlist? Hopefully now that all the med offers are out across Canada we will see some movement and know soon
  8. I am glad it will all be okay in the end! If there is one thing I've learned throughout this process is everything happens for a reason and just to keep positive when you can! I also have received messages from people who themselves got in off the waitlist or know people that did so hope is definitely not lost !!
  9. I think they expect some people on the waitlist to decline too because they probably got in else where so! I still think we have a good shot but yes the waiting without knowing where you are is hard!
  10. There are also the people who defer because of LIM or another reason so I think thats an extra 18-20 spots?? so maybe about 70-80 people left? I think thats its so waitlist people don't bombard them with asking for their position every week because that would be ALOT for the AdCOM to handle because things change so quickly with people accepting/declining offers to other schools
  11. My friend who is in first year at U of C said apparently the numbers on the blog are half of what was on the waitlist last year so its good chances for us but not sure where this number is from.
  12. Hmm yes I am not sure about that. I still know 3 people who were waitlisted last year that got in. I think it honestly depends on the year unfortunately in terms of waitlist movement like he said in his email! I'm not giving up hope though because it's still better than a rejection which most people get you know
  13. Also from my friend who got accepted, you have to accept by May 25 so we will know by then thank goodness!!!! but yes the waiting is rough lol!
  14. I honestly know a ton of people that have gotten off the waitlist at U of C because of deferrals, people accepting other offers who are OOP etc. Especially because so many people also get accepted to U of A I have heard it moves quite quickly unlike some other Canadian med schools. This is obviously anecdotal so as for stats I don't know outside of what Dr. P said in the email (35-70%). I am wondering though if the waitlist is shorter this year because the number of spots decreased in the class?
  15. Thanks for starting this Hoping for the best for us!!
  16. I think all the emails come out at once. That's how it has been the last couple years at least
  17. I've totally been feeling the same, you're definitely not alone! The odds were already low before and now even more so it is hard BUT just have to wait and see and hope for the best! I've just been trying to exercise lots and do things I like to take my mind off of it
  18. Hey! I’m a nurse as well and I’m not sure which province you’re from but I’ve gotten an interview at u of c two years in a row. I didn’t get in this year sadly so will definitely reapply next year. I don’t have any science pre reqs and I know three other nurses who don’t either and were accepted this year, last year and the year before (one at U of A and two at U of C!) So those schools may also be an option for you this coming year as neither of them have any pre reqs for med. If your OOP you just have to hit their MCAT minimums to apply. I also know they love when you talk
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