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  1. That might be why! Looking at the French stream PSD, it looks like everything is virtual though that might be because they haven't fully updated it on Elentra?
  2. If you click on the PSD for September 10 then click Review Learning Event, the description mentions Group meeting times and there's a word doc that divides us up into groups. Each group is assigned to a room in RGN so I'm thinking it's in person starting Sept 10!
  3. If you click on the PSD sessions in Elentra, we're placed into groups for in person sessions as early as September 10!
  4. Hi! I interviewed at Ottawa twice in a row. First time, I was good waitlisted but never made it off and was lucky enough to get in this year! To answer your questions: no my application generally remained the same but I worked on incorporating a lot more CanMeds in my ABS (my activities themselves didn't change much). My wGPA did go up thanks to my fourth year marks (although this likely did not have a significant impact on the interview invite and rather helped me after the interview stage). I think you have a good chance of securing an interview the year after provided your Casper performanc
  5. Nothing yet! I have a feeling it might go out at the same time as the announcement for their plans for the fall but who knows
  6. Yeah as long as we complete that one and then the in-person later The interim is a live online course
  7. I'm not too sure! I signed up for one at a location I was close to just in case though.
  8. I asked the risk management nurse and they replied that we can take the BLS interim part 1 online and follow that with the in person component once they open again even if that's past the deadline. I registered for an interim course yesterday but haven't heard anything from the instructor yet.
  9. Sorry I should've mentioned my police station doesn't email out the checks, they mail them. so I have to mail the original
  10. Heard back today that we do still need to mail in our record checks! So I guess they might periodically check their mail or have someone in the office
  11. Got off the waitlist last Tuesday afternoon, received a reply Wednesday morning and OMSAS offer showed up Friday afternoon!
  12. Accepted my Ottawa offer today so I've taken myself off the Mac waitlist! Best of luck to everyone
  13. I also asked this in my email so I'll update once I hear back
  14. Same here lol, worst case I order another one but I hope not!
  15. I sent an email asking if I need to send in the letter. My region didn't have any instructions on the cprm website so I didn't request the letter. I'll let you know when I hear back!
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