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  1. Accepted off waitlist today! Email was around 1130AM. I’ll be accepting my offer! 3.99 wGPA, 7:18:59 timestamp
  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say there’s this rotten feeling in my stomach telling me this is over for me. I know we don’t know that but that voice in my head is getting louder and more vicious
  3. Well I can't see the justification for why they don't just give you a ranking. Yet here we are
  4. That was for the French stream though. I mean there's a slim chance that my worries are correct, but hey you never know in these things
  5. My big worry here is that they did in fact go through the entire waitlist on Wednesday, and now only have very few spots to fill out
  6. If they're going to email people telling them to call the office, then it makes no sense to do that on a Friday afternoon right before they close
  7. Nope no news. If no one hears before 430 then we’re done until next week
  8. *This is just speculating* They called on Wednesday, and it sounds like most people replied by yesterday at noon. imho, it makes sense to offer today so that there's the weekend to consider
  9. And so by extension I doubt the first round of English is done since there are more people
  10. As an aside, 70-90 offers is insane. Most of the class rejects their offers
  11. That's the logical argument for sure, we're just all understandably paranoid
  12. Didn't they do both this year? But yea there's no doubt that there's that voice in all our heads saying everything was sent out yesterday
  13. I really thought that those who get offers have a week to respond? Wouldn't that mean we won't hear anything until next thursday?
  14. Looks like we're done for the day, doesn't look like there was any movement at all
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