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  1. I agree. Plus why the top 100? What about 101? What if 101 doesn’t get in and 552 does? Why the 70%? Why not the top 120 at lets say 65%? How did they decide where to put that cut off? Also what isn’t fair is to those who have applied 3,4,5,6 times. How is it fair if someone on their 4th application gets shafted by the lottery but someone applying for the first time gets in? If they insisted on doing a lottery the least they can do is consider some variables to add some weight to some candidates. Plus what’s the point of the article they published on casper and it’s validity if they aren’t goi
  2. I can literally think of 10 ways they could’ve approached it that would’ve been more logical
  3. They could’ve done MANY things but their “intensive data analysis” and their “education scientists” decided on a lottery. Absolutely mind blowing.
  4. I think by March next year it should be resolved. The thing that I’m thinking about is the interview spots. Some people might be offered the guaranteed interview next year. Will the cap still be at about 552 interviews or will they just interview more people?
  5. I don’t have the button and iv been convinced by it from the beginning. Everything we have seen so far points to it being valid. This person may not have performed that well on casper and still gotten ottawa due to the 4.0 and great ECs. Plus as it was said earlier, we don’t exactly know how ottawa use casper
  6. Casper is only worth 33% when considering the top 100 as it is the pre interview formula. Plus people with very high cars and gpa don’t have to have stellar casper scores and still be in the top 100. The Mmi is worth 70% of the selection process. Yes the correlation is not that strong but they found it to be more correlated compared to the other standard measures, however since they used the pre interview formula casper is worth the same as the other measures, which doesn’t follow their published study.
  7. Plus they have an article published stating how casper has positive correlation with mmi performance
  8. I don’t have the button and I’m sure button means offer edit: especially after Mac announced the lottery system, makes sense how some people got accepted and some didn’t stats wise.
  9. McMaster would have been the ones to do the lottery not OMSAS as they have to also do the lottery for the waitlist.
  10. After all of this the button definitely means an offer, the 100 random offers given out explain the difference in stats and the lack of a clear pattern. In total atleast 203 people will have the button (maybe more if they oversend) and these 203 people are made up of the top 100, and the 100 drawn by lottery.
  11. Petty loser? Are u kidding me? The process is already broken to begin with, now a LOTTERY is being used to select our future physicians?? Nahh
  12. The selecting people with no offers doesn’t have to be the only strict selection method. It could be considered along with their selection formula. But yes it does seem very unlikely overall.
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