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  1. Very true, but sadly this was not the case. You are totally right though, medicine is not for everyone, just wanted to share some personal anecdotes.
  2. Holy Smokes! Thats so awesome cant wait to see you in August. Congrats!
  3. I just received my acceptance off the waitlist with a 3.63 GPA. Its definitely possible
  4. I dont even know how to say this right now... I’m at the gym finishing off a heavy squat day and the news almost knocked me clean over. Thank you to everyone here for helping me through one of the hardest months of my life... I cant wait to meet some of you in person in August... ACCEPTED! NIagara Regional Campus (2nd choice) email: 3:03 pm Its drinks on me baby! Goodluck to everyone else. Will definitely be accepting :).
  5. lmaoo. Thats the best answer that I could have given. @RoamingRhinoTo make this brief, do not get caught up with prestige when it comes to choosing a premed program. You want a program where it'll be possible for you to get a 3.9+ GPA after 4 years while still learning a fair bit about the basic sciences. It's unfortunate for me and a few others, but GPA still reigns king for the majority of the medical school admissions process. I always suggest York, Ryerson or Mac Health Sci. Mac Health Sci should be at the top of everyone's lists since most people are aware that students in that program te
  6. Oh man thats rough... i would want the closure at least if i dont get an offer
  7. I saw your comments on last years thread. Thanks for helping us out does Mac eventually send out a “class is full” email?
  8. You are 100% correct. My bad. Thank you so much for the replies though, youre all the best. Well continue this somewhere else
  9. Id actually really appreciate some advice in this department if any of you have the time. I just finished my 5th year and my new stats will be: cGPA 3.70, 2 yr gpa 3.945, ottawa gpa, 3.898, MCAT 129,131,129,128 and ive built up some decent Ec’s with 1 pub and some conference presentations too... i really dont want to do a masters, would it help me at all? What else could I do. Any input would be great :) If this comment doesnt fit this thread then feel free to remove it or just let me know
  10. possibly... although you could also make the argument that a curriculum "overhaul" would dissuade prospective students from accepting their offer. Uncertainty about a new program means that it's possible that the new changes don't actually work out as intended and just make the program worse. (Conjecture)
  11. Your number crunching is the only thing keeping some of us together emotionally right now lol
  12. Exactly! I refuse to give up hope!... until like 4 pm today. Then its time to marathon sad netflix movies and depressing music
  13. Congrats buddy. Send positive thoughts and prayers our way if you can
  14. I’d reason it like this. We can be pretty safe in saying that queens will originally overaccept on the initial May 14th decision. The waitlist movement that we saw today however probably* wasnt in excess though. Im assuming that they sent out exactly as many offers as they needed to fill all of their spots. The deadline to accept for these offers is June 3rd. So were now waiting for spots that would open if the waitlisters that got in today, turn down their offers. Im thinking June 4th will be the next day where some more people will be contacted but definitely less than what we saw toda
  15. Okok my bad then... Tomorrow* is the day that we all get accepted into medical school :)
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