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  1. Hello, I was wondering are the interview prep courses worth it? I know I’m not the best in interviews... so is it worth enrolling in those services? Do they significantly improve your interview outcomes? Ant personal experiences would be largely appreciated too! Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone, appreciate the input
  3. Hello guys, I need an honest advice here please, I am a PhD graduate and thinking of doing MD but my only concern is the age, I need a blunt and direct advice, how old is too old? I know theoretically there isn't "too old" for med school, but I am seeking a realistic practical advice, If I apply to Med school I'm gonna start my studies at 32-34 depending on how fast I will get in (i.e. how lucky and successful my applications will turn), is that too old? Considering that I will graduate with MD and PhD, and the answer to the expected question of (do you really want to do it?) is
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