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  1. I agree that you should write about your clinical research experience! That should definitely count as research-related.
  2. I would say it does really help - I went from having one interview to multiple the next year, I suspect what really helped is because I did a major research project that summer that included NSERC + another smaller research award for the same project, as there was not much different in my application EC wise. If not NSERC, asking your supervisor for potential scholarships might also be an option. Doing volunteer/charity work on the side is also totally doable with NSERC. NSERC generally looks good on resumes and is a gateway to other research opportunities, so I would definitely suggest c
  3. There's actually a transparent fabric cover on amazon you can buy that prevents it getting dirty! It's basically a huge fitted sticker over the fabric areas and aesthetics wise it's barely noticeable
  4. Omg fingers crossed for baby blue - that would be hella cute (anything but mustard yellow/orange pls)
  5. I have seen people with lower GPA get accepted if you look at the past McMaster Accepted/Rejected thread! I think you definitely have a decent shot given your really high CARS score and wouldn't shy away from applying.
  6. Hey, I think you would have a decent chance at Mac! 131 CARS is crazy good tbh (average CARS for Mac is around 129), and if you kill Casper definitely worth a shot at interview. I've seen people with lower GPA get in as interview is typically 70% of post interview score.
  7. Yep, definitely 1 (maybe 2?) were normal waitlisted and one was low waitlisted. All will be declining waitlist.
  8. Result: "Good" Waitlisted - I think I was 7:46 or something though so maybe lower end of good..? Stream: English wGPA: 3.93 CASPer: I think it must have went somewhat well given my 'lower' GPA; really went with my gut and winged it this time around which I think helped me be less neurotic. However, I did do extensive MMI prep the year before which must have helped. ECs: Research, clubs, music, but really not super exceptional. I think the research awards (NSERC, and a smaller award) may have helped boost my application a bit from last year. Interview: The intervie
  9. Result: Waitlisted 2YRS: 3.95 MCAT: 130+ each section ECs: Research, clubs, music.... somewhat diverse but not really exceptional imo Interview: Honestly the MMI kind of really threw me off (maybe due to lack of recent MMI practice) - I started off shaky but I feel like near the end I loosened up and was able to give lots of genuine personal answers. So probably 50/50 in terms of quality. Panel was great - the panelists seemed really relaxed and nice and legitimately laughed at one of my answers (I gave a really frank answer and they burst out laughing at it LOL). Honestly
  10. Result: Normal waitlist Timestamp: 9:06 2-year GPA: 3.95 MCAT: 130+ in each section Interview: Honestly thought I started off strong with some unique personal experiences but my answers to some scenarios may have been a bit bland. However, I am extremely grateful to have received an offer at another school, so will be declining my position in the waitlist. Good luck everyone - you guys should be proud for coming this far and I sincerely believe you will make it eventually with enough perseverance. Year: 4th year UG
  11. Was normal waitlisted and will be removing myself off the waitlist - know a couple of my friends doing same too. Hope this helps! Good luck everyone, I believe in each and every one of you.
  12. And we just firmly accept and that's it right? Is there anything else we have to do like contact the school or smth
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