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  1. Your email will say something like "due to your current position on the waitlist, it is unlikely that you will be offered admission". If you dont have that on your email then you're in the good list!
  2. Hey, they don't. I dont know anyone with accounting but a girl in my class did engineering!
  3. I'm looking for another nice, clean, organized and outgoing female** roommate to share a place at the l'Avantage Suites (reaaaally close to all the MD classes and CHEO hospital). Currently the rent range is 1500-1800$ for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. The building also has a gym. I was accepted today in the French stream. Please message me if that sounds like you <3 Edit we'd have to FaceTime and all and make sure we can be friends as the lease is of 1 year.
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