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  1. Has anyone ever been successful in this or submitted it and got rejected? Also, how does UofT look upon repeating courses? Thank youu for any responses.
  2. Did not apply this cycle, but I'm so excited for you guys!
  3. I read that we can do summer courses but the grades won't be counted towards wGPA.
  4. That's the response I got, wasn't as straightforward at first but then I took it in that they said it should be in the title of the course or the description of it. Hello, I wish to inform you that we no longer have course descriptions for our prerequisites since we are looking for courses whose title mentions the specific course or the description of the specific course in the outline. It is the candidate's responsibility to verify the prerequisites. Course requirements mandatory: 6 units in humanities /Social Sciences 6 units in Biology or Phys
  5. wow! we get a third choice of our choosingg
  6. How are these profs for these courses? BIOL2020- Terrance Kubiseski or Vivian Saridakis BIOL2021- Paula Wilson BIOL2030- Scott Kelly or Andrew Donini BIOL2040- Tamara Kelly or Tanya Da Sylva BIOL2050- Birgit Schwarz BIOL2060- Joel Shore or Roberto Quinlan BIOL2070- Christopher Jang
  7. Yea, I'll make sure to email them because they didn't even specify it. When I saw that they added statistics I was shocked and surprised.
  8. Would any type of statistics count or would It be limited to bio stats? Cause I know there's stats in psychology, economics, math and etc.
  9. Yea it could turn out to be more competitive, I can't tell if it's a step forward or a step backwards.
  10. Yea that's mind-boggling, but maybe it will be weighted less? It's reassuring to know that we aren't the only ones who are stressed concerning reference letters...
  11. Can someone comment/provide more information on this? https://twitter.com/drsoup09/status/1135929438032617472
  12. Can someone comment/provide more information on this? https://twitter.com/drsoup09/status/1135929438032617472
  13. Hey guys! I'm going into my 2nd year with a Bsc in Biomed, I was planning on taking the MCAT during my 2nd year summer but I was a bit iffy if I woud be prepared enough or have enough background information. As If I got a score that I wasn't satisfied with I could retake it in 3rd year. For those of you who have taken it how would you rate the difficulty and how did u feel when u were taking it. Thanks!!
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