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  1. Seems like they are still coming out, friend just heard back!
  2. Same here okay this is good. Thought I was alone and was freaking out
  3. It looks like they chose out of the first weekend and then picked the top from the second weekend (people with panels). A big let down as it sounded like panels were synonymous with offers or at most waitlist
  4. It seems like less people were accepted from the second weekend from everyone I've talked to
  5. For Queens, were most people accepted from the first weekend?
  6. A doctor is still a doctor. I doubt it would hold someone back during the carms process. At that point, it would be more of a compatibility issue/not being able to secure enough elevtives/ec's than a "we don't like lottery people". It makes zero sense logically. Carms does not work like that. This is just a doubt in some peoples minds, its not realistic in my opinion with all due respect.
  7. Where did you read that? From their email they said there would be 3 groups after the lotto, offer if admission, wl and reject. Unless I made a mistake
  8. Want to echo others sentiments about the CBC news reporter. I don't recommend it but if you do then make sure you are anonymous.
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