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  1. Sorry this is my miscommunication. I need to do surgery, it's just deciding what type of surgery. I also don't care about residency/grad/fellowship, what I'm more concerned about is when I'm 40, 50, 60, etc... Is the gradient between doing something more lifestyle like ophtho and cardiac surgery big enough that it warrants reconsidering my passion?
  2. At a bit of a cross-roads. I'm at an Albertan medical school and our school has us pick electives relatively early so I'm squished for time. Initially I was interested in neurosurgery however after spending time in the OR over the past summer I've decided on cardiac surgery. I also know I wouldn't be happy not doing surgery. Here's where the issue lies: Cardiac surgery has a notoriously difficult lifestyle and poor job prospects, however it is the only part of medicine I am truly interested in. I'm trying to decide if me doing surgery on another organ system (I've been leaning towards thi
  3. Thank you for sharing this! Regarding stroke, how is your time broken down in terms of what you're doing day-to-day? Is it possible to do both neurocritical care AND endovascular work with a neurology residency? It seems a lot of treatments are headed endovascular and if it scratches that itch for me I think it makes more sense to go down that path.
  4. Thanks for doing this. Current 2nd year medical student at an Alberta med school deciding on specialties. I love the brain. I’m deciding between neurology and neurosurgery at this point. Just wondering if you were ever between those two fields and how you made your decision? I love the OR and I’m much more interested in the surgical neuroanatomy than a lot of the bread and butter neurology. I’m just wondering at what point is interest alone to dive into neurosurgery.
  5. Super insightful, you mention working so is this a paid employment then or purely volunteering? As well what exactly do you do during the 3hr weekly time-ons?
  6. Thanks for this thread. I am starting medical school in the fall and have always been curious about joining the military. A few questions: 1) Is it possible to join as a reservist while doing medical school on the side? What is the commitment/benefits of doing so? 2) After finishing medical school I have heard you have to do a FM residency, which is something I’m not very interested in. Is there a way to specialize right away while remaining apart of the military? 3) What are the requirements for maintaining reservist status in the military? (time commitment during school year/s
  7. Any thoughts on GSx with ACS? Would have the ability to do gen surg, cover trauma or cover ICU right? So would that mean a pretty good marketability?
  8. I’m asexual and have no close family alive still, so I plan to only live for my career. What you’re saying makes sense though. I am mainly interested in the big cities for the academic opportunities.
  9. Psych/family/GIM, are there any others that are conducive? ER or Anesthesia?
  10. I don’t mind going through all the academics (fellowship/msc/phd) and working very hard. Just as long as there is possibility at a GTA/Hamilton/Calg/Vancouver hospital
  11. Fair but which have the best job prospects? Much of the data about current load and future demand is only for certain specialities i.e. vascular/ortho. Does Gen Sx with trauma/ACS have a good job market? I assume just because no one wants to work these very time intensive jobs
  12. I’ve been reading about how poor the job market is for surgeons and was wondering if there are any specialties of gen Sx or surgical sub-specialities that actually have good job prospects? Ideally in metropolitan areas (GTA/Vancouver/Calgary).
  13. Is there any ability to join the MD/MSc program during year 1? I didn’t know about the program when applying and am interested in it. Also, is there a possibility of doing a single undergrad course alongside the course load of the MD program? I would just do it pass/fail or as an audit if possible (just a small side interest)
  14. I just made the same decision. I ultimately decided that my happiness and satisfaction during one of the most difficult periods of my entire is worth more than 1-2 extra years under debt. You will pay off the debt, don't let it guide your decision!
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