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  1. I'm accepted to UBC OT and I can see that my transcripts were printed and mailed, but UBC still says they haven't received them. It does say it can take like 3 weeks for the site to be updated
  2. Ya I guess that's what we should all be expecting. I know UBC is online till Aug 13th for sure ... :/
  3. 3rd and 4th year courses are considered in the GPA calculation from my understanding. So if your prereqs are upper level than yes. As far as I know
  4. Anyone hear from UBC for OT? I was really expecting to have heard by now!
  5. It seems like this year is very different.. ? I'm waiting for OT UBC but from what I understand the OT results almost always come out before the PT results, so weird that this year PT results have started coming out while as far as I know no OT people have received anything.
  6. Hahah ya sorry! I just know someone in the program now and they found out March 28 in 2018... maybe its different this year, but you can bet i keep reloading my inbox lol
  7. Same here!! I recently emailed UBC to check of COVID was affecting their acceptance decision timeline and they said we can still expect to hear by the 2nd week of April, and also that the April 30th deadline for all courses in progress will be evaluated with respect to covid and how that is affecting final grades etc. In 2018, they found out March 28... so ive been holding a bit of hope to get an email sooner than mid april when maybe we get the official letter in the mail??
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