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  1. 1) Most important that you find a genuinely knowledgeable/helpful advisor than one who's close imo. 2) Not really, but often times you'll need a letter of enrollment or something similar from the school, which often can't be obtained until you're actually registered (closer to Sept). If you can get away without it then no harm in getting it going early! 3) Can't help you here (I'm with CIBC), sorry!
  2. Anecdotal from people I've talked to and the experience of friends (so hopefully others can chime in on this if I'm wrong), but yeah I think osap does result in lower LoC offers, seen tit happen a few times, i.e. it does count as debt for that purpose.
  3. Not common from what I've heard, unless you already have outstanding debt which would count against the amount you can borrow for the LoC. barring that the offer letter alone should be enough to get the full amount.
  4. Looking at the ON schools, I think Queens and Western will be your only options with this degree. There are some other GPA calculation formulas that are of some help (i.e. UofT), but not enough to offset a couple years of grades unfortunately; I'm sorry to hear that your first few years were such a rough time and that you had to go through all of that. That said, with solid GPA & MCAT scores you do stand a real chance at Queen's & Western, so imo that's where you should focus your efforts. I'm not super familiar with USMD/DO schools so I'll leave that for someone else. As for the
  5. Congrats to everyone with an offer so far! For anyone curious about the program (or deciding between multiple offers), feel free to PM me and I'm happy to chat about the program (via text or call) or answer any questions!
  6. Major congrats mate, was rooting for you this year! Super well deserved, real happy to hear this was finally your year
  7. Far as I know it's always 2 weeks, so there's usually the biggest bulk of movement within the first 14 days. That said, some schools will let the waitlist move throughout the 2 weeks as people decline, whereas others will wait until the 2 weeks passes to begin letting the waitlist move (so for these schools around the 25th there'd be a massive chunk of movement). Best of luck in the wait, hope things work our for you!
  8. I wouldn’t read much into the button post-D-day regarding ButtonGate theories. It came and went before last year’s D-day before showing up for its intended purpose when the time came. Could be wrong, but I doubt the same glitch would happen two years in a row that specifically. Unless some folks have it and others don’t even now?
  9. Good luck friends. May the luck of the process be with you, and regardless of what happens don’t let the process define you. Everyone’s worked so hard to make it to this point and no one should ever forget that regardless of the outcome!
  10. Agree, for all the same reasons. Probably not worth your money for the USask app given you're probably dead in the water there with their silly high mcat cutoffs, but you stand some chance at UMan with an awesome Casper, so might as well give it a shot if you have the $.
  11. Since the NOSM forum tends to be a little quieter, fyi something similar already exists for all of ON!
  12. 6 cycles is brutal, this is hard to read. I don't have any advice to offer except to do all you can to not take the process personally and not to see it as any kind of reflection of yourself or your abilities. Not to take away from the idea of self-improvement and reflection which are obviously important, but often times it's nothing to do with you. Luck plays the biggest role in the process, after a certain point in your stats and experiences; some people get lucky and get in right away, and some people take many tries. All I can say is that I'm sorry the process has been so cruel to you and
  13. Just an offer button with the option to accept/decline it; the letter comes in the e-mail the next morning. But ya pretty much this. Button was actually bad last year, which seemed like the opposite of what you'd expect. It looked like this: The stuff in the red box I think everyone had, it was only the "Reset Responses" button which was the #ButtonGate topic and cause of all the panic.
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