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  1. As a bumblebee, I would like to formally welcome the pylons to the profession of medicine! Real talk though, I was against yellow, but orange takes the cake; at least it's a darker orange I suppose?
  2. Sadly Gpa is in fact king, so while your leadership position would probably be better training for all things other than md admissions (and probably would modestly improve your non-academic part of the application), a 3.6 cGPA and 2-year 3.7 Gpa will all but shut you out from everywhere that isn’t western (assuming those best years were full time and each 3.7 or better) and NOSM in Ontario imo (and that’s assuming you have the rural factor to be competitive at NOSM). Maybe Mac too, but 3.6 and 127 Cars would be a real long shot there as well. Wouldn’t be unreasonable to throw the applicat
  3. NAQ score is kinda impossible to predict tbqh. There's a tremendous amount of variation and randomness in that part of your score, but what you have looks just fine imo. Might be good to highlight any longer-term activities that you have however, as if three's any weak point that might be it. +1 to the idea of converting your GPA though, raw score when you're in the gray area of competitiveness is of limited use.
  4. No prob! We got that info this morning, so I figure it’s pretty current, but I’m also pretty sure the count would only take into account offers which have been firmly accepted, so it's hard to say what's still out there.
  5. FYI to the wait list peeps, we heard from the department today that while the MAM class is full, there are a “few” spots left at STG. Hope some of that good news comes through for some of you still here!
  6. Congrats on your success! Feel free to pm me if you’re still interested in talking Toronto med life!
  7. Also consider western if your MCAT is balanced the right way, as they have a 2yr gpa formula too (assuming you’re full time both years). Knowing your exact gpa for the 2 years you have (assuming you drop year 1) for ubc would also be helpful for folks to assess your competitiveness and give advice, as gpa doesn’t always cleanly translate to percentage
  8. Not very often, but it does happen to folks who rank WB first from time to time. In first year you’ll be at the hospital just once a week (Fridays from 8-12)
  9. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat about Toronto Med life! Personally I’ve found the community here awesome, but obviously it’s hard for me to compare to other schools haha
  10. Can confirm this is how it works, the waitlist for both campuses is the same, so wherever there's space is where you end up (usually MAM, but not always, Mississauga's been rising in popularity in recent years).
  11. 3.94 is just fine for Western & Queens, so if you can bring your MCAT up to pass UWO's cutoffs and get in the generally though-to-be competitive range for Queens, you've no reason not to apply this year, def have a shot. Assuming you don't have a solid reason to write an AEE @ Toronto to get a wPGA you're out of the running there, and unless you knock CARS and Casper out of the park Mac will be a tough sell too, but I'm not sure an extra year of 4.0 will really change the calculus THAT much for you; Toronto and Mac will still both be tough. Don't know enough about Ottawa to comment specifi
  12. 1) Most important that you find a genuinely knowledgeable/helpful advisor than one who's close imo. 2) Not really, but often times you'll need a letter of enrollment or something similar from the school, which often can't be obtained until you're actually registered (closer to Sept). If you can get away without it then no harm in getting it going early! 3) Can't help you here (I'm with CIBC), sorry!
  13. Anecdotal from people I've talked to and the experience of friends (so hopefully others can chime in on this if I'm wrong), but yeah I think osap does result in lower LoC offers, seen tit happen a few times, i.e. it does count as debt for that purpose.
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