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  1. Does anyone know if they have started to remove people from the bottom of the waitlist yet?
  2. Over the past 5 years it looks like between 28-46 people decline the offer -AFMC
  3. Did they tell you how many they put on your waitlist?
  4. Result: waitlisted second quartile Time Stamp: GPA: % 78.9 MCAT Score: 504 Location: IP Degree: 4th year UG Interview: I’m going to assume considering my average and mcat are weak that it went quiet well... thoughts?
  5. It does not look like today is the day. I am wondering, do people think we will see any different trends this year with the new admissions officer? Different GPAs/mcat. The interview seemed different? What are people speculating
  6. Did they give you an inkling as you what day it would be?
  7. No. Only the bottom 20% or so fail the interview so that still leave about 230 in the applicant pool
  8. I had wrong information and they contacted me to let me know they couldn’t get ahold of my reference
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