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  1. Thanks! im not sure exactly its going to be varied i think, i start in June. Its a US clinic though but because of the virtual nature of the job i do not need a visa.
  2. Got lucky on the indeed website. Took me forever to find a health care related job. You really just gotta check job websites every day and be ready to quit your current job. I am in Canada but the job itself will entail me working with US physicians.
  3. Hey all, anyone have experience using any personal statement editing services? I have an idea of the strategy behind personal statements regarding telling my story of why I want to be a doctor and including anecdotes for how my experiences tie into the field but not sure if I was successful at it. I'm also a poor writer in general as I foolishly avoided writing classes throughout my undergrad. I have done a couple of drafts and had my essays edited by some people but they're not really familiar with the process so im looking for some tips beyond the grammar. In the case there are no good editi
  4. At this point med school is med school, but yes of course, with their rolling admissions you definitely want to apply the first week it opens, especially as an international applicant. I wish i had more confidence applying but ill give a few DO’s and USMD’s a shot. You plan on applying to a lot of schools?
  5. Im sure its a process to deal with all the residence requirements, but at the end of the day you will find a way. Many Canadians have moved to the US for med school and completed their residencies there. Best to focus on getting an acceptance first, the permits will come after.
  6. I agree that MCAT definitely holds me back pretty much everywhere besides my in-province school, but do you think its bad enough that it'd be a complete waste of time to attempt to apply to America this cycle with the conditions listed above? Im really open to DO, and my MCAT is decent enough for it but not sure if they'll consider me if all I have is the stats. I do plan on re-taking my MCAT(for the 4th time) but not till next spring. The first two times I wrote it I tried working full-time and studying MCAT but only managed a 497 and 504. Last summer, I feel like I gave it my all study
  7. After 3 unsuccessful cycles applying to Canada Ive been preparing to give USMD and USDO schools a shot (will try Ireland, UK and Auz as well) but the more I look into it I don't know If I even stand a chance at low tier USMD's or DO schools. My stats are okay, (3.9 GPA and 511 MCAT) but obviously not exceptional as an international applicant. My main concern however is that besides volunteering in a hospital during high school I have no clinical or research experience. I don't plan on pursuing research but wish to gain some more healthcare experience. I haven't had any luck volunteering in a c
  8. Seems like a good way to approach it, ill try that and see if anyone bites. Thanks alot for your response!
  9. I understand yeah its definitely a desperate approach.. I was only thinking of doing that because I was going to take my chances and throw a hail mary late application to Ireland for fall 2021 entry but they would want at least one academic reference letter as soon as possible. Even if I plan for a fall 2022 entry though, i'm not sure how ill be able to find some letters of recommendation for USMD/USDO schools if I were to apply for those this summer, any ideas? and I do plan on applying to OMSAS but with my 511 MCAT (126 CARS) I probably stand a better chance in some low tier American school
  10. After 3 unsuccessful years of applying to only one school that didn't require letters of references, I recognize I've shot myself in the foot by not being more proactive throughout undergrad and making myself a strong applicant in other aspects besides achieving a decent GPA/MCAT. I understand that I made a mistake not applying broadly in the past but I've accepted that I'm in this for the long haul and want to take the right steps moving forward. Any recommendations on what steps to take in regards to finding someone from the academic setting to write me a good letter of recommendation? I foo
  11. Thanks for the response. I'll definitely give some other schools a go! and yes for sure, as much as an MMI feels like a test, it seems to really be about trying to just connect with the other person and have a decent mini conversation, just gotta keep working at it I guess.
  12. Very much appreciate the response. I totally agree. The MMI feels some sort of speed dating session and I'll always have a hard time connecting with another person through that interview format no matter which strategy I employ, but yeah it is what it is. I will do some research on DO and see if its right for me. Ive always had a perception that an MD is just better to have over a DO in terms of exploring the full potential of opportunities in medicine but I really don't know enough about it to rule out that pathway. From your response it seems that It may be worthwhile to rewrite the MCAT to
  13. Hi Who_knows. Id say my first station went poorly even though i had prepped for the type of question. Felt good before but then out of nowhere got with nerves and couldnt articulate my thoughts effectively but i felt that i recovered after the first few minutes of the station. One other station i took an one sided stance on a topic that was well intentioned and meant to show passion but was probably taken as narrowminded approach. Seems pointless to speculate though, at the end of the day i gave overly simple responses without enough depth and effective use of my personal experiences to stand
  14. Hey guys, recently was rejected from my only interviewed school after my 3rd time applying. Was waitlisted at this particular school for the past 2 cycles with 87% avg (3.9 GPA according to OMSAS) and 497 and 504 MCAT respectively) but ended up being flat out rejected this year (even with an improvement of my third MCAT to 511 this cycle). Obviously my MMI was the issue this time around as this school does not require extracurriculars in the application but now i'm just not sure how to go forward to increase my chances of an acceptance from here. I am still very determined to pursue medicine
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