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  1. The cutoff is greater than or equal to 75% UAA for IP applicants but i personally wouldn't apply with anything less then 80% unless you can attain a 515+ MCAT and a decent CASPER to offset a low UAA. However if you qualify for DSAAP or IAP then you might be able to get away with a 75-79 UAA. Of course even if you don't qualify for those you could always be an outlier and still get an interview with a good CASPER but your chances aren't the best. Try to focus on one thing at a time though. Getting all 90's for the next two years is definitely achievable but it's no easy task. Re-evaluate
  2. Yeah that should be good i dont think it takes long for AAMC to get it to em. Ive applied a few times now and have always done it the first day of the time frame
  3. I believe you are only supposed to release your scores during the Oct 30 to Nov 6 time frame.
  4. The usask med web page says the college will NOT be requiring applicants to complete the snapshot this application cycle.
  5. Im also retaking for the third time due to CARS but feel good about it this time as my CARS practice has been going noticeably well compared to previous years. The only thing I can say I added in regards to CARS practice was simply reading more dense, non-fiction books throughout my gap year as much as possible. So id try out just reading more books and thinking a little extra about what youre reading to make reading feel more natural as well as enhance reading speed and comprehension skills. I dont have the CARS score to back it up but im thinking it'll help so you can try that if you want.
  6. Any other 2nd quartile IP's on the shortened waitlist?
  7. If the AFMC data is accurate (28-46 people declined in the past few years) then they'll probably get through the first quartile, id keep your hopes up! Being in the second quartile is a rollercoaster with a part of me believing im ranked 26th then another part rank 50 lol
  8. I would say yes because I dont see why they would go through the effort of contacting references for ones they plan on rejecting.
  9. The only thing we can really get out of references contacted based off of trends in previous forums is that if they are contacted, you are either accepted or waitlisted (or rejected if your reference red flags you), and if they aren't contacted by the end of April/first week of may then you are most likely out of consideration. But we can never truly know.
  10. They will for sure get back to us today or tomorrow sometime. Mentally preparing myself for the virtual mmi to go on as planned at our regular times but also preparing for the possibility that they were not logistically able to make a reliable and quality online mmi platform in a week, which is understandable. If thats the case they will simply postpone the mmi’s. Im sure they just want to make sure everything is ready to go before they announce anything more. On the brightside the more time they take the more the time they have towards creating an mmi that will do its job
  11. You'll be fine. I feel like they only red flag if your grades decline a lot as the years go by. If your third and fourth year grades were either somewhat stable or increased then you'll be fine. Just kill that MCAT
  12. I'm not in medical school yet but have been exploring options in regards to military medical training. The benefits that come with the Medical Officer Training Plan are very attractive in terms of the financial support as well as the variety of training opportunities that come with it. What was your rationale for not joining the program if you don't mind answering? I'm on the fence because of the commitment required post medical school. From what I've gathered, there is at least a 4 year commitment requirement with the military after medical school, do you know whether its more then that?
  13. Got the 'class is nearly full email' stating that I didn't make it on the shortened waitlist today. so if you didn't, there might still be a tiny chance for ya
  14. well that's good in the sense that the class isn't full yet, thanks for the update!
  15. Where are these offers at tho! this thread is too quiet for comfort lately...the wait continues..
  16. Not sure of their stats Ellie. Movement seems to happen at pretty random times based off of older forums, id assume sometime after deadline thered be some and again, based off of older forums it looks like they usually get around 2 weeks to accept first round offers, so maybe next week...goodluck to us all
  17. Buddy of mine got in from the IP waitlist today, so its moving!
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