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  1. During residency, does the majority of residents take additional disability insurance? Do you recommend residents to pay for additional disability insurance? It is quite costly, and frankly I don't know if I need it. Edit: I am talking about additional disability insurance (ie on top of what your provincial resident association is offering to all residents). Edit 2 : some companies are offering high monthly benefits (eg 4000$/month). Is there a limit on the amount of private disability insurance you can have if you have DI through the provincial resident association?
  2. What should be your "cumulative average" on the CanadaQbank MCQ questions to be able to confidently pass this exam? How much did you get on CanadaQbank vs what was your percentile rank on the MCCQE?
  3. Are pre-interview diners/receptions/socials paid by the program?
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