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  1. Selling 9th edition Examkrackers MCAT review along with 101 passages for Biology Systems II and 101 passages for CARS. All in mint condition. Asking for $250. Willing to negotiate and willing to meet up in Scarborough, East York and parts of downtown.
  2. Cohort 2 accepted, 4:54pm. Its been a long ride as a non-trad, I'll share my story soon.
  3. I was surprised by that too, but they did say they were investigating questionable comments in the admissions blog and places like premed101.
  4. Well that last bit definitely applies to you. Kudos to you!
  5. Yes, don't lose hope! It is random like they've said. I've started prepping my backyard for gardening and have been obsessing over where to plant what. Tbh, thinking of waiting another week makes me even more impatient. I don't know how some applicants go through this consecutively over multiple cycles. You need real tenacity and mental fortitude!!
  6. Just one and I'm in the same boat as you - not sure if my other verifiers would let me know.
  7. Yup! 5 more days but I guess we can't bet on it being the Monday.
  8. Same though it is at random. I thought they would have completed this step in the process by now if we were to find out by May 11th. I do remember reading somewhere that they continue to verify even after results come out so maybe it doesn't affect timelines too much.
  9. Oh gosh, that's an anxiety provoking thought, though I'd rather get it done with sooner than later. I'm really hoping for a blog update soon. A person can wish right
  10. I've been feeling the same because the chances don't look great! Especially not knowing how large of a factor the interview will play in the final scores - I was part of the online pool. The week of the 11th is going to be nerve-wracking for sure.
  11. "What the learning environment will look like" Maybe online classes? Hmmm
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