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  1. Sorry this is my first year applying for ubc but how do you see you TFR with regret? I am rejected this year but can only see GPA, NAQ and interview results. Do you guys guess TFR based on the scale bar?
  2. Hey congrats to your acceptance! Just wondering how did you know your TFR last year? You could only see the rough position on the scale bar isn't it?
  3. Then I can’t think of other orders ubc follow. We have seen offers from all 4 sites already. Does it mean it’s over? Seems like not a lot of offers so far though.
  4. Also does admission blog update instantly after all offers sent or by the end of day?
  5. At this point UBC could just email from Z to A to mess with us.
  6. Seems every half an hour to me. I saw time stamp at 7:07, 7:34, 8:15
  7. Please tell me this is not alphabetical again jesus christ
  8. Does ubc have habit of sending offers in waves or all at once?
  9. There is no set time for UBC unfortunately. OAS doesn't update until they email you so everyone is waiting for email. They typically send out emails before noon but who knows
  10. Last year UBC sent out rejection emails before 8am. I hope that is the case on Friday. If I get rejected please tell me sooner and end my suffering. The worst case is I panic for whole day and get rejection email at 3pm or something....
  11. Need to work in the lab on Friday. But I am pretty sure I will check email and this forum every minute because I have no self control.
  12. Based on my understanding, ALL students will receive news on 14th. There will be accepted students who reject the offer so UBC will send more offers to those waitlisted, and the process keep going until all 288 spots are filled, hence multiple rounds.
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