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  1. Anyone starting PT this fall know if we should be studying or preparing in some way? Kin wasn't my major and im feeling a bit anxious
  2. Accepted my offer to PT at Queen's. Anyone have any tips where to find a place to stay or any suggestions?
  3. Hey, if you go on ORPAS and click "offer" next to Western (if that's where you want to go after UofT) it will take you to a page, and then you have the option to firmly accept or provisionally accept, and then select the school you are waiting to hear from. I've never provisionally accepted before but maybe check with Western as well Congrats on your offers!
  4. Hey 20210Ten, I had 1 W on my transcript, a course I took during the summer before my 4th year, and I received an offer from Queen's. i recall asking UofT and Queen's a few years ago as I was concerned as well and they did not seem concerned about a W. I think you should be fine!
  5. Yes, received an email at midnight, and updated on ORPAS as well.
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