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  1. Hi, So for the past 6 years OT had been my dream. I did everything to try to get into it (volunteering, research, studying like crazy to get a good GPA). I did get in, however, I feel that I chose the wrong school. The program at this school is really brutal (I have a friend who attends another OT school and their coursework does not look nearly as heavy). Coming from a less prestigious undergrad university where I mostly took 4 or even less courses, I feel that I cannot handle it, it looks unbearable.. In addition I do not have a good background in neuro and anatomy which adds to the cou
  2. I'm interested in knowing the course load as well! Would a student who has taken 3-4 courses in undergrad really struggle with this program?
  3. Hi everyone. Is anyone here able to speak to the course load at UofTs OT program? Looking at the curriculum it is worrying me a bit (6 courses, back to back courses and fieldwork). As I only took 3 or 4 courses in my undergrad and when I did take 5 it was overwhelming for me.
  4. Hi I was wondering if any current UofT ot students have a course outline or syllabus they may be able to send Thanks!
  5. Unless you guys are still waiting for other waitlist offers. Is that possible? I thought you get taken off any other waitlist after today
  6. Hey did you wish to be considered for a first round offer? Cuz that would've expired on the 12th
  7. Hi, I'm looking to get more information on course loads in the OT programs (UofT specifically, it looks very heavy). Coming from an undergrad where I only took max. 4 courses at a time (and these for the most part, bird courses as there wasn't much heavy content) I am a bit worried about my ability to succeed. The OT program on their website states that it's an intense program. For anyone who's currently in any OT program right now could you provide some insight (preferably someone non-kin background who hasn't done 5 courses per term in undergrad). Thank you!
  8. Hey is the school emailing you waitlist offers over the weekend? Was it by email or phone
  9. I'm deciding between Queens mac and UofT. Tbh I'm a bit stressed out by the thought of PBL and if I end up hating it I'm stuck with it for 2 years. That why I'm leaning toward Queens and UofT. I'm from the GTA area so I'd commute an hour and be close to my support system if I went to UofT. Also I am a more theory research person. I also don't drive and I heard that with UofT program all the placements are accessible by bus. So UofT fits for convenience sake (but I also heard commuting gets tiring, plus the giant class size and rigidity of the University in general make me feel uncomfortable. I
  10. Hi all, I'm still very much on the fence about OT schools and still deciding between UofT, mac, and queens. I wanted to choose the program that will set me up for success and ease me into the clinical stuff. I've looked into the courses but really they all teach the same stuff. Also UofT and queens do still implement case studies everywhere in their curriculum so I don't see how it really becomes different than problem based learning. Only things I found different were - McMaster does the first placement very early (which makes me a bit nervous) - UofT does musculoskeletal
  11. Any help/advice please,? Very confused and not getting anywhere with my decision making
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