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    I was rejected from Ottawa pre-interview, Toronto and McMaster post interview and waitlisted (and eventually rejected) from queens the first time I applied. I cried and I was really unhappy applying again. 
    HOWEVER, I tried again the next cycle, I was interviewed at 10 schools, went to 8 of them and was accepted by 4, waitlisted by 3 and rejected by 1. One of my acceptances was to an MD/PhD program.
    honestly, being rejected the first time was huge in my personal development and learning how to cope with failure and disappointment. It helped me grow as a person and made me consider other options that would make me happy outside of medicine. Once I realized that there were other things that would make me happy, I was able to approach the application process differently (healthier and more mature) and I think it showed in my interview. 
    Chin up everyone! You got and interview. It didn’t work out his time, but for most applicants it doesn’t work out the first time! The med schools will have to watch out next year! After all, they will be dealing with a stronger, older and wiser version of you! 
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    Belgian medical schools teach either in Dutch or French. There is no English language instruction in Belgium, from what I know.
    EDIT: just realized you can speak french. 
    I am of the opinion that you must exhaust all options before going the European or Caribbean route.
    The general consensus is Canada MD > US MD > US DO >>>> Caribbean=Europe
    There are a plethora of different factors to consider here. 
    1. Salary is higher in North America  ( US MD=US DO(Highest) > Canada MD >> Europe)
    2. Length of Study is 3-4 years in North America, 4-6 years in Europe ( Canada(Shortest) > US MD = US DO > Europe)
    3. Lifestyle is very different in North America (Ranking will depend on your lifestyle preferences)
    4. Specialization is a lot more tough abroad (Canada (Easiest) > US MD > US DO >>Caribbean/Europe)
    5. Return to Canada is tougher from Europe (US MD (Easiest) > US DO > Caribbean >> Ireland >>> Rest of Europe)
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    Persistence and perseverance will serve you all well. Whether it’s in medicine or not. As was said, getting an interview is such a huge hurdle, on paper they want you. Just gotta show them in person that you’d be an amazing person and doctor (some people are not amazing or social mature enough to do well in interviews so having strong self awareness is important). Do what you need to do to deal with the news for however long, but don’t let it consume you. Life will go on, enjoy it, and start the next cycle fresh. This is coming from a 5 time applicant. You got this :).
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    I want everyone here to say outloud (yes say it, don’t just think it) that you WILL get there. As you just said, a couple of years in the grand scheme of things isn’t huge when we’re talking about pursuing your life’s dream. Take this as an opportunity, or another opportunity for many others, as a time to grow, to self-actualize, to pursue interests outside of just the typical premed activities. You won’t have another opportunity like this once you finally do get in. After medical school, it’s residency, it’s family (if you plan on having one), etc. Your entire life essentially will already be set in stone. Whereas now, you have a chance to do whatever your heart pleases while building up necessary skills and experience for your application. Take this from a person who got rejected first cycle, then took a gap cycle and then finally reapplied the next. It hurts, I can imagine, but the amount of stuff I’ve been able to do when I took a gap etc was amazing. I feel so much more mentally prepared to take this on than I ever did right out of my undergrad. Best of luck to everyone here, please feel free to reach out if you just want a pair of ears and/or to converse about life and this premed journey. 
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    There are some things bugging me about the medical school application process, and I just wanted to share my thoughts what you think.
    I used to be part of a really involved community volunteer group, which coincidentally had a lot of students applying to schools of medicine. During my involvement in this group, I saw many of these people get into medical schools. But they were rarely the people I expected to get in off the bat. Why? While volunteering I got to know some people who demonstrated great character, resilience, and compassion for others. These people would volunteer for more responsibility when others couldn't, go beyond what was expected of them in terms of their volunteer role, would always be available to support others if they were going through hard times, and sacrificed their own time and energy to make the volunteer group and the community it was supporting better. These were people I always knew would have my back if something bad were to happen. In addition to their clear academic ability, their character told me clearly these people would definitely be accepted into schools of medicine and go on to become amazing doctors who would make patients feel well cared for. But they didn't. They were not interviewed or accepted. Needless to say, despite this they have gone on to be fulfilled and accomplished in alternate life paths. This in isolation would sit well with me, as it is a competitive process after all. 
    However, what didn't sit well with me was the fact that there were other people who did the bare minimum, fulfilled their responsibilities and no more, and only stayed to volunteer until they achieved some sort of recognition or title. These were not the people who went out of their way to help when there was a crises, such as being short-staffed or staff/community members have difficult personal issues (e.g., addiction). If such an event occured, they quit not long after and moved on to other opportunities. These were not the people that I could depend on, that I felt comfortable asking for their help. However, THESE were the people who eventually got accepted for schools of medicine and are moving on to be doctors.
    Why does it matter? Well, if you had to pick a doctor from either group, which one would you prefer to look out for you and take care of you? I would resoundingly pick the former. I want somebody who just doesn't do the bare minimum and calls it a day after fulfilling their responsibilities. I don't want someone looking after my grandma, who just wants to tick off the checkboxes and call it a day. I want somebody who cares, goes out of their way, and is not satisfied with 'just enough'.
    I can already see the arguments against this. Burnout, someone who can meet their responsibilities as a doctor only is all that's required, doctors don't need to be saints, that I only saw one aspect of these people, other. 
    But when I think about stuff like the Casper test, a test created to look for good character, maturity, sense of ethics, I am surprised to learn that people do well by compiling a thesaurus list of 'empathy' terms that they just word-vomit onto each question prompt in an effort to score well. Is this test really looking for people who would make good doctors, or people who are good at gaming the system? Isn't this just selecting for people who are good at faking compassion and empathy?
    When I consider other issues, like the high costs of the MCAT, or the susceptibility of extracurriculars/references to nepotism, or the ridiculous GPA requirements, I wonder if the whole process is just selecting for people who are either privileged (resources, status, connections, etc) or are extremely good at jumping through arbitrary hoops. I've seen rich high school kids whose parents are friends with a doctor get amazing work positions in medicine that others would need complete BScs or MScs, or extensive work experience, for. Undoubtedly, this will only help them gain better experiences to put on their resume. Ultimately, it wouldn't matter how they got it for the admissions people who are skimming through resumes. At the end of the day, is the process truly selecting for people who can recognize and serve the needs of a diverse patient population?
    Feel free to refute or support. Happy to hear either.
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    I would do it but it would be pretty useless haha. As long as you have a 125 or higher on the science sections you are fine. It’s your total score and your CARS that actually matters. 
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    My friend got in today off the french waitlist. Chantal said there would be more calls this week for the French stream. Idk his gpa or stamp
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    They seem to be getting a high volume of calls on the daily. The lady who answered me seemed pretty unimpressed with the reason I was calling for and wanted to get rid of me... I think you can expect spots to be open in English stream given that there is usually more movement than in the French stream
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    I phoned in today and spots are still open in the French stream! Kinda frustrating how they don’t let us know how many :/ it would also be nice if they told us when we should expect the class to be filled.
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    Hi all,
    I think it's important to note the importance a good CARS score plays into admission for most medical schools. I have compiled a very very simple chart that demonstrates the minimum CARS score you should be aiming for to be competitive. Data is based on OOP residency. So, if you are IP for any of these schools, this chart may not be helpful! For some of these schools (i.e., Mac, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) a lower CARS score may still be okay but must be supplemented with either a higher total MCAT score or GPA. But do note that for most of these schools you must have the stated CARS score in order to not get screened out!
    Obviously, this is just a general guide,. There are many parts of your application that also play a part in getting the actual interview, but I think it's a good idea to see what CARS score to aim for when you're writing the MCAT. An important takeaway from this is that If you are in Ontario, a 128 will take you a lot further than a 127.

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    troll post?
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    Honestly, when I found out my GPA was only 5.0 on a 4.0 scale, I almost just gave up. I realized my GPA would hold me back so I just grabbed the holy CanMed infinity stones - Cerulean Communicator, Carmine Collaborator, Lilac Leader, Salmon Scholar, Hazel Health Advocate, and a Purple Professional Stone. When I combined my CanMed infinity stones, I was able to overcome my GPA. I hope this helps!
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    It actually said away till June 11 (which is today...) 
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