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  1. Doing an honours degree in and of itself doesn't really boost your chances per se, but rather its the research experience/publications/presentations that you have from doing an honours degree that boosts your chances. Program rigour doesn't get factored in to your decision
  2. I agree with all the comments above... if you look at most of the matriculants for U of T med, most of the people in the program are from McMaster and not from U of T itself.
  3. You know imma ball til they turn off the field lights, the fruits of my labour I enjoy em while they still ripe. Lil wayne my biggest motivator this cycle LMAO
  4. I was doing research with a resident last year that happened to be classmates with my cousin, and he was in the NMP program. He got in back in 2011, and if I recall correctly I think he got the same condition where he fell below the TFR cutoff but was still invited to an interview and ended up getting in (because he grew up in PG). However, I'm not too sure if he was talking about himself or if he was mentioning other people. In any case, I do think that people end up getting in with below TFR if they have a high-rural suitability score. I think the rural subcommittee has this level of po
  5. own program. Even though the process is holistic I don't think doing badly in one or two courses will really be a detriment, especially if the overall average is decent. They might be seen as outliers if anything. A lot of people apply with Cr/D/Fail classes as well so I don't really think one or two courses will be a problem. You also have to recognize that a lot of people with averages of low-mid 80s end up applying to UBC's MD program as well, compared to ppl in majors such as CAPS and PCTH at UBC which take much higher averages. An 86% average with a couple of bombed courses at
  6. Hahahhah, I'm not expecting much out of this year's cycle at all, it's more of a test run...But good luck to you too G, hopefully it all works out!
  7. I'm only a 3rd year undergrad, but I'll give you my perspective. I'm in a highly competitive undergrad major at UBC, to get in to this major you need to have an 88+ average. Back in first year, there were two courses I had absolutely bombed based on my standards (low A-). However, when applying to the program I had asked the undergraduate advisor if the two classes I didn't do as well in would affect my application in any way. Long story short: He told me that if your other courses are high (i.e. A+/A), and there are very few courses that are outliers (i.e. B+ or A-), they'll give you the bene
  8. You have to get a WES evaluation for those classes if I recall correctly. They will definitely include the grades from that institution in to your GPA calculation
  9. If you're a non-trad, it'll be your ECs that'll carry you (assuming you have a lot of diverse and unique experiences). I wouldn't worry too much about your GPA as long as you are above 80+. Good luck!
  10. Just out of curiosity, does UBC admit 288 each year or does the 288 also include the people that had to repeat a year or defer admission?
  11. Hey guys, I know this may be a pretty over-asked question here, but I'm an UG student that just finished 2nd year and planning to apply to a few Canadian medical schools, with UofT being one of them. However, I'm really worried that my ECs will be holding me back in the autobiographical sketch. My cGPA currently is around 3.94 Currently, I have extensive employment experience in research during my undergrad (have authored two articles), along with ~3.5 years of employment since high-school as a pharmacy assistant, a competitive dancer for the past 10 years, a few unique life experie
  12. Current applicants, did UBC mention anything regarding GPA calculations from this semester? I'm a prospective applicant and I was wondering what they will be doing with grades from this semester due to the whole COVID19 situation
  13. Im a 2nd year UG lurking here and I just wanted to wish you guys all good luck! I hope all of your hard-work pays off. To all the people who wont be as lucky this year, just remember that it is an accomplishment in and of itself to make it this far! Its a matter of not if, but when you get in.
  14. Given alternate grading schemes and/or open book exams, do you think the applicant pool will have a higher average compared to last year? Or do you think it will be around the same?
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