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  1. I took a year off after I graduated during which I worked and applied for PT at Queen's and UofT. I was rejected that year and spent another year working and building up my experiences to boost my application. I applied again the next year to the same two schools and was accepted at Queen's. As my undergrad sub-GPA was on the lower end (3.78), I was anticipating another rejection and would have taken upgrade courses online to boost the GPA but fortunately I did not need to do that. During my year off I volunteered at a cardiac clinic in a hospital, and then worked for a research program
  2. Last year it was written directly in the original email sent to me regarding the application decision. From what I understand based on reading other's posts here, they are not indicating your position on the waitlist this year.
  3. Just got accepted into Queens PT. I was 23rd on the waitlist!!!!!!! Couldn’t be happier!
  4. Im in the exact same boat as you, Queens is my only hope to start PT in September. I’m waitlisted in the early 20s. If I were to speculate I’d say that a little less than 125 acceptances were sent out because based on this forum from 2013-2016 there was a lot less waitlist movement. There were roughly 20-30 people accepted from the waitlist each year in the last two years. That video is from 2016 so things could’ve changed since then.
  5. I know a few years ago someone posted a video from a Queens PT informational session and it was specifically mentioned that they send 125 offers for 75 spots. https://stream.queensu.ca/hapi/v1/contents/permalinks/Ji38Bwj5/view Thats the video around the 10 minute mark. I sincerely hope they changed their strategy since then and send more waitlist offers and less acceptances. I’m on the Queens PT waitlist and am anxiously awaiting any movement.
  6. I commuted to Uoft from Mississauga for four years of undergrad and continue to commute there for work. On average it takes me 50 minutes in the morning to get there, and a little over an hour to get back. It’s honestly not so bad and gives you lots of time to do your readings as you commute. I take GO transit as it’s a bit more comfortable and convenient for me and I spend roughly $250 a month on commuting. You can significantly trim that cost if you stick to Miway buses and the TTC. I still have plenty of time to study, workout, and socialize and don’t feel limited by my commute
  7. Not sure if you would know this or anyone reading this but how exactly is waitlist movement defined... is it purely based on how many accepted students at a particular school accept an offer from another school, or does it also factor in the movement on the waitlist caused by those students waitlisted at a particular school accepting an offer for another school.
  8. Good luck to you as well! Can’t think of many things more stressful than a waiting list...
  9. It seems as though PT and OT at queens differ with their waitlist procedures in that case. I was specifically told my position in the waitlist on the email.
  10. Hello, I’m currently waitlisted in the mid 20s for Queens University PT. Any idea what my chances are for getting a spot? Appreciate any feedback!
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