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  1. I think they’ll just omit it. They will probably give an update soon.
  2. It gets easier trust me. I wish you the best and feel free to pm me if you like.
  3. Please go back and look at what I actually wrote instead of going to conclusions. I acknowledged the fact that there are people who were affected with COVID-19, and that they should be accommodated for. However, there are also a lot of people who shouldn't suffer just because we had three weeks of online classes. I said there should be options for both sides, and as doctors, I feel that lots of challenges will come our way such as COVID-19, and we should still learn how to work hard and manage stress despite whatever comes our way.
  4. I had no idea they will take grades from our worse semesters. Lots of people worked extremely hard and studied, and on top of that, had a job and paid for their tuition this semester just to get into medical school. I could have stayed home instead of going to university this semester and not have paid tuition or rent, or studied extremely hard, if I knew the end result would be this. I feel like if they do this, they should consider other extenuating circumstances, like mental health, tuition money, hard work and dedication that went into this semester. This process alone will disqualify a lo
  5. I definitely get what you mean, and this is very unfair for everyone who were counting on wGPA. People who worked harder this semester due to everything going online should not have to suffer, and be told that all of their hard work went into nothing. You are also right in that we had 3/4 of the semester completed anyway. I just hope the admissions committee does not only look at this in a one-sided manner, and actually look at all sides before making this decision.
  6. That’s what I was worried about. If they just leave the Winter 2020 term from their calculation of wGPA, my GPA drops by two points which is fine I guess. If they decide to take one of my worse semesters though in order to calculate wGPA, my GPA drops a significant amount.
  7. https://www.ualberta.ca/covid-19/updates/04/2020-04-06-changes-to-admissions-for-fall-2020.html
  8. I see your point of view but don’t forget that we did 3/4 of the semester in class. This new policy just throws away the hard work of countless people who had good grades while keeping up with ECs and other commitments.
  9. I sent an email to their medical school advisor. I feel that if they see a lot of people are affected badly with this new process, they might consider leaving it as an option, instead of not considering it at all.
  10. It's not really fair since it benefits certain people and is a disadvantage to others. Another reason why this is unfair is because most universities had the P/F system as an option for students to use, and since it was not mandatory for us to use, there were a lot of students who did not use the P/F system. We were also already done 3/4 of the semester, and only completed 1/4 of the semester online. Students should at least have the option of having their grades for this semester be calculated or eliminated from their applications. Otherwise, it would be a huge waste of hard work, dedication,
  11. It only applies to Winter 2020 semester according to their website, but I am assuming full year courses would not be calculated if they fall in Winter 2020.
  12. How does everyone feel about this? If Winter 2020 was one of my best semesters and they choose to eliminate it from grade calculations, will they use one of my worse semesters to calculate wGPA?
  13. Exactly. I heard that most schools use the best three years if you did 4 years of undergrad, and if they drop this semester, then what will they use to make that up? I did not do well on first year and worked much harder this year to improve my GPA, and it would be a huge disadvantage if they drop this semester which was really good for me and a lot of others, and pick one of our worse semesters that they initially would have dropped. Even if they do not take the worse year into calculation, by dropping this year, a lot of people who did well this semester may have a lower overall GPA, which i
  14. If they don't use Winter 2020 grades, it would not be fair for everyone, because this was my best semester and I actually tried my hardest despite having online lectures and losing my summer job, and I feel that others have also done this. I hope they only choose to leave this as an option and not a full on mandatory thing, because a lot of people I know took 5 courses this semester, managed to do decently well, and did not use the Pass/Fail system. Of course there are people who absolutely had to, but I feel like it should be an option for everyone. If they do not consider Winter 2020, my ove
  15. I haven't read textbooks in years. I used to read textbooks in high school and first year in university, and my grades were in the 60-70% range. After I stopped reading textbooks and started listening to lectures and focusing on important information, I have been getting 90-100% on all of my courses in university. I just know that I won't do well on the MCAT if reading textbooks is the way to go, as that is not my way of studying at all. Does anyone have any other recommendations? If there are lectures or something available online, that would be great. Not only do textbooks take forever to re
  16. Hey everyone, I am not sure if there is a thread for this somewhere, but I am assuming that there aren't any. Does anyone know if the MCAT this summer is cancelled, postponed, or moved online by any chance? I am in my second year currently and was thinking of writing it this summer. I can definitely wait till next summer to write it because I was planning on taking a gap year after my undergrad anyway, but I was still thinking of getting it over with. Does anyone know anything? Let me know, thanks.
  17. I believe U of C looks at best three years as well, and will drop your worst year if you graduated, and have completed all four years of undergrad. If you finish a masters program, they will calculate the best three years of undergrad and one year of the master's GPA, if I am not mistaken. If you graduate undergrad in three years, they will take the GPA of your best two years of undergrad. I got the information from their 2019-2020 medical school admissions manual, https://cumming.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/4/Admissions/19_20applicant-manual_june28_2019final.pdf, page 35.
  18. Which medical schools only look at GPA of three years instead of all four? I am currently in second year, and I am planning on applying after my fourth year so I would be eligible for the wGPA for a couple of medical schools. I was mostly wondering if UBC, U of A, and U of C, look at wGPA or cGPA? For example, if my wGPA is around 3.97 for second, third, and fourth year combined by the time I graduate, which medical schools will look at that? If my GPA is 3.61 based on all four years, including first year, which medical schools will look at that? I am not planning on applying to any Ontario sc
  19. Okay I will, thanks. I am thinking of applying to UBC, U of A, and U of C, which all look at the best three years.
  20. Oh okay, thanks for letting me know. I am in my second year, and I have 5 courses at the year level, since I switched my major and dropped a course last semester. Do you know if this matters a lot? I can't take an additional course right now since the add date is over. In my third and fourth year, I will definitely make sure to take at least 6 courses at or above the given year level, but there is nothing I can do now. I am not counting my first year, and only applying with my second, third, and fourth year grades to be eligible for wGPA, but I do have 6 courses at the given year level for fir
  21. Do we need 3 of 5 full course equivalents at or above a given year level to be per semester or per year? I don't think I have three per semester for every semester since I took at least two electives every semester and most of them were below the year, like first year electives. Do you mind letting me know? Thanks.
  22. Hello, I was just wondering how much the new MCAT, and medical school in general, focus on biochemistry. My major is in Biochemistry, so I was wondering if that will help at all. Also, how much does medical school focus on biochemical components of the body? I am so used to knowing the full molecular processes of most things inside the body, and I get bored pretty easily when things don't go into a lot of detail. For example, I took human anatomy last year and absolutely loved it, however, after learning about so many biochemical processes in the body, I don't think I would like it that
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