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  1. Hi, completely unrelated, but for clerkship, do all your rotations have to be done in Ottawa or are you allowed to travel to say Toronto for them? I know other medical schools allow that, but I was wondering if Ottawa was the same. thanks!
  2. Accepted off waitlist today! original waitlist time: 7:18:4X wGPA: 3.94 Received email around 12:30
  3. To be fair, it seems that the 7:17 time stamps were all in the late 40/50s...not sure if that’s significant or not
  4. Yeah for sure. I think it comes down to distance and multiple offers. People usually opt to stay closer to home
  5. My friend got in. In the email, it said that’s Chantal would be in office until 4PM yesterday, and noon today. My guess is they sent a batch, gave time so people can call back, and tomorrow will continue. If the numbers are the same as past years, there should be about 70-90 waitlist offers, and to send all that in one day and ask them to call back would seem like a lot. Again, just speculating
  6. You are right, but I don’t think they sent out all the offers yesterday! That’s not based on anything though
  7. As long as you meet the prerequisites, I believe that you are fine to apply!
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