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  1. I clearly need to go back to school to bring my gpa up. I'm just conflicted on what would be the best route to do so. I initially planned to go to ubc pharmacy as the courses would be relevant to the medical field and it would be a good back-up career. But apparently there are easier ways to improve ones gpa. I need to stay in B.C as I am already invested in building up my extracurriculars here. So far the options I've found are: -SFU post bacc diploma (criminology looked interesting, gerontology is relevant to me because I have experience with seniors) -UBC masters - I hav
  2. I though pharmacy was a saturated field though.... But I definitely have heard of that point before. I don't want to take a spot from someone else. But I'm considering this my back up. Say at my 2nd year i still haven't been accepted anywhere. I would likely concede and continue with my pharmacy degree and become a pharmacist.
  3. Yeah that's very true. It's because of poor planning on my part that I'm considering it. If i get in to pharmacy I can start building my gpa this September, but if I choose a different route I'll have to wait till September 2020 (cause I pretty much missed all the application deadlines for everything else by now). If you don't mind me asking what other routes would you consider?
  4. Thanks for the response! So you wouldn't rec pharmacy...even if i only intended to do one or two years of it to boost my gpa? I don't have an interest in resesarch so a masters isn't appealing to me. But I feel like I have to go back to school to increase my gpa if I want a chance. I'm not stuck on pharmacy though cause its pretty expensive. Im also thinking about a post bacc in criminology at sfu, or maybe doing getting a diploma/certificate in something where I can actually get a job right away (to save up for med) like nuclear medicine radiation therapy.
  5. I completed by BSc in bio at ubc last year. I applied to ubc med school (just ubc...yeah that was stupid I know) and didn't get in. As a back-up I also applied to ubc pharmacy which I am currently waiting to see if I got in. I'm torn between whether I should do a year of pharmacy and boost my gpa a bit, or continue to build my extracurriculars. I'm aware my activities are seriously lacking and my grades aren't good either, but my NAQ is the reason I'm contemplating just staying out of school and focusing on my jobs and volunteering. Any advice would be appreciated!
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